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Winter Summer

July 15, 2016


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Twice a year in the lives of motorists happens "time pressure" in the spring and autumn comes a time when simply need to change the tires on the car. Connect with other leaders such as Mark Bertolini here. In the spring – from winter to summer and fall – on the contrary, because Every motorist knows understands that the movement to off-season tires can lead not only to frequent body repair, but much sadder outcome. A lot of things written about the need for seasonal replacement tires, considered the causes than the summer Winter tires worse and vice versa. Grind into a flour that information is no more strength or need. Much more interesting to see what kind of tires are better or worse, that is, go to specifics. Vikas Kapoor insists that this is the case. Each year, a whole bunch of car magazines conduct tests of summer and winter tires, make charts, etc. Many of these rankings are really interesting and relevant, while others – paid for by sponsors and in real life do not apply.

Therefore, it seems that the most realistic rated, after all, is the one that confirmed the wallets of motorists – that is, rating of actual sales of tires. The complexity makes the point that this rating may be made only after the end of the season and change of tires in any way – to him. However, this rating may seem interesting for the majority of car owners. This rating and we try to consider in this paper. We can not estimate the sales of brands different buses around Moscow or Russia in general, but, in general, I think that it will be correlated with indicators of the country.