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Latin American Governments

September 13, 2016


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To strengthen its growth, Latin America needs to develop the venture capital industry. In this sense, the positive thing is that you for the venture capital industry, the region has great appeal. This appeal lies in the fact that although, in General, the region’s economies managed to consolidate its growth and macroeconomic stability, which opens them great possibilities to be able to maintain its sustained growth, still have great amount of sectors by developing and investments necessary to make ahead. The observed improvement in the social situation, which although it stops this year product of the international financial crisis but with security will resume once surpassed this depression in the world economy, on the other hand, leaves a potential market of great attraction to exploit that will seek to orient towards the consumption of new products. Apart from the good prospects that offers Latin America for the development of the venture capital industry, at present, the region is showing which can produce benefits in the immediate term even in periods of crisis. A clear proof that Latin America is conducive ground for the development of venture capital industry reflects this annual survey of Venture Capital of Latin America 2009 conducted by the firm of audit, tax and advisory KPMG LLP, in which 63 percent of executives in the venture capital industry asserts that the performance of investment (ROI) achieved in 2008 remained the same or increasedcompared with 37% who said having an ROI more low.

Another interesting result that arrived in the survey conducted by KPMG reveals that you for 45% of the respondents, Latin America became more attractive for venture capital investment during the economic crisis, and 14 per cent said that there was no change, while 30% said that the region had become less attractive. Moreover, for 58% of respondents expect a greater global investment in Latin during 2010-2012, while 12 per cent said that the investment would remain firm and only 29 percent expressed their expectation of lower global investment in the region in that period. When it comes to inquire about what sectors are more attractive, for respondents the infrastructure (47%) and energy (26%) are preferred for the investment sectors. These two sectors are also key to the sustained growth in the region and so it is that Latin American Governments have focused on investing in them. Among the countries most attractive to develop venture capital investments appear according to KPMG, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, while at the other end, Argentina and Venezuela are.

Another country which will surely attract interesting flows of venture capital is Peru, whose economy will keep growing at a brisk pace during this difficult year. Latin America and the venture capital industry may build a society with great potential for mutual benefits. The most attractive economies are which have carried out economic policies more healthy, predictable and transparent, in what represents a new lesson to the rest.

The Only

February 27, 2014


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Rounding, whose biggest beneficiaries will be the banks (write down it) and some sectors of trade and service providers, will result in increases in spontaneous price which, in the context of a strong currency, will be felt with more rawness in the pockets of consumers. Finally, and somewhat anecdotal plan, but no less disturbing: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has already heard tell someone how happy that will be when this conversion takes place because imagine everything that one is going to be able to buy or now if I going to pay the salary even, and this is strictly true: January two’m running to my apartment in all probability also not buy me I will be the only one, innocently, trying to get these people out of his mistake telling them that they should also remove the three zeros from their salaries, has received bad answers and taunts or gestures and intemperate words of type: these crazy?, Commander not can throw us that shit!.

Credo Ecclesiam

July 22, 2013


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In the symbol of the Apostles, we do believe that there is a Holy Church (Credo Ecclesiam), and profession not to believe in the Church not to confuse God with their works and to be clearly attributed to the goodness of God all the gifts he has put in his Church. (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church # 750).Realizing that profess the creed we affirm believe that there is a Catholic Church, and to assert that it is one, we are recognizing that it is undivided, unitary, Indivisible and integral, and that there is unity in it. In the creed we affirm not believing in the Catholic Church as unique and odd; catholicity is a property and received of him who is the only participation and in whom We believe. 2. In an admirable manner we affirm that there where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church (cfr C.I.C No. 830), and for this reason the Church feels United for many reasons with all those who are honored with the name of Christians because of baptism, although they do not profess faith in his integrity or not to retain the unity of the communion under the successor of Peter (cfr C.I.C No.

838); and although it is difficult to understand, we must accept that mankind is Catholic by definition and that those who have not yet received the Gospel are also ordered the people of God in various ways (cf. C.I.C No. 839) and all men, therefore, are invited to this Catholic village of Dios a unit this unit they belong in different ways or she Catholics are intended, other Christians and even all men in general called to salvation by the grace of God (cfr C.I.C No. 836), among them the Jews because those gifts and vocation of God are irrevocable (Rm 11.29), and Muslims who profess the faith of Abraham and worship with us the unique and merciful God who will judge men by the end of the world (cf.