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Dimensional Multi Marketing

May 27, 2019


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That it passed with the dreams that tapeworms. The economic reality often squashed your dreams, obligndote to fit it to your income. In this situation you have left two options: you deflate your dreams or you increase your income. 1-Increase your income, you motivate yourself to continue dreaming about a plan that works. 2-.Si you deflate your dreams you finish being a poor devil. That you want? For that reason we are in a business of Network Marketing, because we have a PLAN. That you are going to do. If you only continue gaining linear income they reached you to survive.

The solution is the residual income. They are those income that manage to do those that makes a fortune and they are not those that works more than you. For example: Elvis Presley continues acquiring million dollars after several years to rest peacefully. Desire more died Elvis of than of alive. Mark Bertolini will not settle for partial explanations. The secret of the residual income is the same for him who for you. To do a work a single time and that is possible to receive whenever it becomes to use the rights of autor”. The one that receives residual income can go away of vacations and receive the gains the time that were accumulated during their absence.

You do not need a special education or to leave the security of your present work to participate in the residual income. The solution: MDM (Multi Dimensional Marketing) is no a system of market that competes against him as far as costs and benefits. For even more analysis, hear from Laurent Potdevin. The Dimensional Multi Marketing is a business of residual income. You work a single time and your work duplicate, triples, quadruplicates, etc. and your gains also. Sometimes confused like pyramid, it is not it, are not sales, you do not need much money to invest, does not clear long time to you, he is not pararicos and you do not need experience. It is your own business. To consume and to invite to consume because thus you will form your own company. The MDM is a business, like so, is necessary to work to put it in march. It remembers: you will never be rich working for others. In a traditional work in the long run desire the same. Congratulations! they give an increase you of 20%. The prices raise a 40%. With MDM, if you increase your income, every time desire more. Like employee if DAS result until you did not arrive there. Well: it thinks since you were three years ago and like these now? It imagines as you are going to be within three years, then of which side you are going to be. 1) You will be your own head? or 2) You will be a happy employee.

Virtual Classroom

May 31, 2018


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Development of analytical abilities and syntheses, that allow him to create coherences of situations vague, ambiguous and not structured and to establish the bases for the right decision making. the sense of the work in equipment, the importance of the interpersonal communications and the attitude necessary to know how to assume and to handle shared responsibilities. technical Knowledge in the functional areas (human accounting, finances, trade, resources and operations) and the capacity to apply them in the solution of problems and the development of strategies, at national and international level. Besides the indicated thing, it is possible to be added, which contributes to us gerentemodernoiupg.blogspot.com when he indicates, that the modern manager, besides the functions of the traditional administrator, must also develop, certain abilities that to some have collected it authors in three, who they are: The technical ability: it is referred all the technical processes, to methods, techniques and all the means necessary to obtain specific tasks. The human ability: it is the capacity of the manager to obtain integration, the confidence, and sensitivity; in order to acquire the cooperation within the equipment that directs, and that repels in the individual and social satisfaction within the organization. And finally the conceptual ability: it is the knowledge of all the referring one to the organization, its interrelation; as it affects or it can affect each element within her. Venezuela conclusions our interest of analysis, requires to reconstruct its architecture enterprise, to take step to a new managemental leader who knows to interpret the new challenges that have been generated at the moment and have taken step to a scene turbulent, that has significantly affected the operativity of its enterprise sector, entailing this reality to a very conflicting situation in the national production. It is required as much of managemental leaders enabled, visionary, creative who can cause the required changes to confront the threats and opportunities that have been derived, as a result of the actions of the present government like of the globalisation, otherwise the enterprise sector will undergo serious consequences and therefore the economy of the country.