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Science Certificate Diploma

July 24, 2019


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Wind Tales

January 20, 2014


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The wings of the wind, short stories …. Every morning three pigeons descended on the rooftops, light color similar to honey, let in the reflections through the veil of a red curtain, the days seemed long and endless, the dreamer watched the activities of the society. At the same time a girl looked in the mirror and contemplated his own figure, the love song he heard on the radio, made him smile. They reminded each of his sighs, why love? no, just knew it was a special day. The dreamer's long hair, covered his back, which were beautiful figure of strength and aesthetics. Profit for the year and discipline resulting from dream to get away. Then slowly lower your hand and took the guitar, he left his room, his life had changed totally, a beam of light blinded his eyes for a moment the cameras were photographing him. The roofs were gone, a beautiful palace at his feet as expected.

Low back and seeing another ray of light, his dress was simple changed, now a formal suit, covered his body. A lot of fans cheering at the end of a red carpet allowed to walk softly as he leads the class in the veins. A blonde with full lips and her body stretched forward his hand covered with beautiful diamond ring, to reach the exit door of the palace, I look at a bright and shining limo now fame was her friend. Beside the back door, a beautiful princess who had been watching and listening to your body love that song, removed the hair from her face. She reached out and the diamond rings, leaving aside, took the hand of his lovely fan. When his bodyguards opened the door, he gave way, then sat down as she closed the door which would be the beginning of a love story. He took her home and after having had a drink looked into his eyes.

The silhouette of the best dancers in the world, no words left to the dreamer. This took her in his arms and back again to the natural state of men endorsed it. Two were found to help talented ever. Returning to reality, the woman said, is that none of this is yours, just fulfill your dreams, because the ends are wise and you do not like, because you know others love a woman and make her happy, what that I used all the money in the world, but I am loved? This was the only wise man who knew how to woo her, so it was, this beautiful woman shared the talent and fame with a dreamer. That could develop all their talents and virtues, because he met an honest person, a girl he knew to dream and transcend.