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Robust Locking Pin

July 23, 2016


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The new Traka-iFOB Bad Breisig, guarantees security in the electronic key management and access control 12.04.2013 – new manufacturing techniques now allow the manufacture of electronic locking pins by Traka (iFobs) using an automated process, which could increase the tensile strength by 84%, improves the protection class IP67 and the working temperature range 40 c to + 85 C extended. What are the differences? Since its launch in the early 1990s they were manufactured Traka-iFobs using a manual process. Here, the external and internal components with a hand press were sealed under Add a special adhesive. In the new design, now comes a special high-pressure injection technology, which allows you to encapsulate all the items into a solid unit. The contacts of the internal chip be first mechanically welded with the appropriate points of contact, before the subsequent encapsulation. This massive encapsulation gives a very high new Traka-iFob Resistance.

Tests showed that the new Traka iFob compared to the previous model has a 84% higher tensile strength. This means that now a pulling force must be applied by 1740 Newton, to usurp the iFob from its anchorage. This tractive force cannot be achieved without tools. Also the new Traka iFobs consist of a seam-free elastic strength brass alloy with galvanised nickel surface and get this its strength and extraordinary design. In addition, they have so-called information window showing the storage capacity on the one hand the Traka logo, and on the other side on both sides. Compatibility the new Traka iFobs are compatible with all existing Traka systems 100% and can be used within systems mixed with the previous models. Independently tested quality the new Traka iFobs were tested according to CE, FCC, CSA and UL standards. With regard to their suitability for different ambient conditions are Products in appropriate types of protection, so-called IP codes, divided.

Wolfsburg Professional

July 22, 2016


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Growing communities need regular cleaning of professional cleaning lady Wolfsburg is expected to grow. Therefore, now launched a housing initiative with 6,000 new housing units are to be created. That would mean an increase to 10,000 inhabitants on a total of around 130,000 inhabitants for the lower Saxon city. A professional cleaner such as putzfrau.net offers the necessary support in all questions of basic cleaning for residential towns and housing authorities. Basic cleaning, but also other areas in housing units and on the grounds of residential complexes must be maintenance regularly cleaned and maintained. Minimize costs, housing quality get maid residential units for all areas with the creation of new, as it is now planned in Wolfsburg, has an increased burden in terms of cost, personnel, and material for the maintenance and cleaning of the apartments, as well as of other areas such as home automation, facade and grounds a town or housing management.

Here have residential and To minimize cities the opportunity, cost and by hiring a professional cleaner. It provides not only the regular cleaning of the apartments and staircases as well as professional coating of floors, so that dirt is no longer so easy sticking, but also the facade cleaning and an infrastructural and technical facility management. This technical facilities in the residential complexes are maintained and repaired if necessary. So, the professional cleaning lady is partner, if the elevator is broken, the heater has failed, or if an apartment before a new hire needs a thorough cleaning. Many tenants appreciate the services of a professional cleaning lady, because this increases the quality of living and apartments can be rented faster. Professional cleaning lady Kruger & Krueger for residential services and better quality of life the professional cleaning lady is a team of trained employees of Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH, the internal as well as Exteriors of residential complexes and units cleans, maintains, repairs and permanently reduce the costs for cities and housing management helps. This is not least because that is minimized by regular cleaning and maintenance of all building areas of renovation and restoration effort. Because the professional cleaning lady offers all services for buildings such as residential units, eliminating the tiresome search for the suitable vendors for facade cleaning, deep cleaning and facility management. Related links on the subject of cleaning service for urban facilities by the professional cleaning lady: Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH Tratzigerstrasse 21 22043 Hamburg Managing Director: Sven Kruger Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 0 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 9 Web: E-Mail: presseatputzfrau.net

Evolution Of SAP Software

March 31, 2014


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Easy release change with expansion packs one of the worst scenarios for IT professionals in a large enterprise would be the failure of the business management software, such as, for example, the SAP software. Suddenly, a variety of processes would no longer work in this case. For a manufacturer that means: no orders or deliveries can be edited, no bills can be written and also no content will be transferred. All departments are incapacitated at the moment of the crash. It is all the more important for the IT department or the external SAP consultant company permanently with all functions available to the SAP systems. Usually it is not enough however, to monitor a system once installed.

It must be kept always up to date. There are constantly new requirements on the part of the departments, which are implemented in the SAP system by which. On the other hand, SAP delivers each year countless advancements. These include functional enhancements of existing applications, such as the improvement of the population query in logistics or fundamentally new SAP solutions. To take advantage of these changes, releases are carried out often every few years.

Such change to a higher software version claimed so far very much preparation time and effort in the implementation. The first release changing working hours not rarely 1000 come together. Because often new functionalities are enabled, it is important in a test environment the impact of changes on existing business processes to test and go live”to discover the error and fix accordingly. This year, SAP has recognized the problem of firms and delivers the enhancements of the SAP software no longer in large packages, but in smaller expansion packs, the so-called enhancement packages (EHP), quarterly. The advantage of the expansion packs: let them once in the SAP software play and later to enable the functionality. The bottom line of the effort should be two Reduce third. But it isn’t quite that simple then in practice. The SAP consultant of many companies program functions added for the enterprise-specific requirements. In this case, as extensive tests and adjustments must be made. Anna Hare