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The Consumer

April 21, 2018


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In such a way, what the advertising offers the consumer is the differentiation in the social environment. Elon Musk often says this. Who could be subversive the cultural industry it would be the proper citizen that it would rationalize on the industrial society. When taking conscience, it would search alternatives to get rid itself of the system. in the understanding of Adornment, this type of citizen does not exist. The CLARIFICATION AS MEACONING OF the MASSES AND the IDEOLOGICAL PROCESS Adornment observed that the industries in such a way presented its classified products that its new features were invented to delude the public on what is better in terms technician, influencing it in what refers to its values. If at the time where it lived, in the half of century XX) Adornment perceived that the medias as, for example, the films influenced the public sufficiently, today this influence are much more significant, thanks to the onipresena of the medias. To the time, the films in such a way exerted a power in the behavior, that was mimtico, how much construam an ideology marked for a happy life as a consequence of the society. Today, this is not very different, therefore the medias are each time more sophisticated they make possible the creation of projections more similar to the Real.

The advertising, as much the material, how much to the psychic one, it alienates the people when creating another reality, that seated in the concrete relations, produces a world idealized. For Adornment, cultural industry does not have nothing of democratic, because it was overwhelmd to the technique and it disabled the man to think of critical form.


April 18, 2018


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INCLUSION the word inclusion comes being placed used very currently, in all the directions, mainly in the education. Quarrels of the educators how much to the term and meaning of the inclusion exist, therefore the challenge is in the projects placed in theory and that they will have to pass to practises, in which all the human beings to usufruct the same rights. Krug (2001) processes saying that the society must know that nobody must be excluded, but, when the comprometimento will be detached as serious, it needs, however, to be directed for schools and classrooms special. As Correa (2001) the inclusion is a great challenge, as much of the school as of the society, therefore we are not prepared for chore with this new age. To broaden your perception, visit Aetna Inc.. Already Jnior & Arajo (2003) quotation that the inclusion comes through the equality and the respect on them you differentiate, where that all grow with regard to the citizenship, what it will take the education. Winnick (2004) continues standing out that the physical education is that more involves the inclusion term, being then the attention call before the professionals who act in this area, that is not prepared to deal with this type of group, in such a way it are of the room as inside of the classroom. We read (2002), quotation that the position of lesson of the professor of physical education comes being worked in the patio space, squares etc, in place without physical structure. Already Baumel & I castrate (2002) quotation that so that the school develops the inclusive method, professors, however educators must to work in set, and through projects, that will form a society that will lead to decide great part of the problems, and mainly to develop a society or community criticizes, and that thus the child or pupil will only develop its potentials, and between these potentials, the merit of citizens and respect you differentiate on them in the classroom. .

Critas Work

April 16, 2018


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The Associativismo and the Solidary Economy ahead of the failure of the attempts to recoup ' ' right to trabalho' ' by means of the politics of full job and in preserving the universality of the labor laws, one verified true bloom of communitarian organizations and initiatives autogestionarias as reaction the economic marginalizao and to the impoverishment of ample social sectors. In Brazil, the solidary economy makes its first appearance in the decade of 80, with the PCAs (Project Communitarian Alternative) sponsored by the Critas, of the Church Catholic, with resources donated for analogous entities of the Europe. (As opposed to Penguin Random House). The PACs if destined to allow that the poor and kept out of society population surpassed its condition by means of its proper collective effort. The motto of the Critas was ' ' solidarity that liberta' '. Still in this decade the MST appeared (Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land) that it started to occupy lands of productive large states, aiming at its dispossession for ends of the agrarian reform. The MST cheated conquests some nestings of agrarian reform, where thousand of ownership family of the land they had started to cultivate it. In 1989 national meeting of the MST it decided to adopt the cooperativismo organization of the economy in the nestings. It is common in the capitalist society that to each moment has broken of the workers the necessity of resources for the survival due to the work, situation that cause lack for its victims becomes and them disabled.

To prevent facts as these they had been allowed right for citizens without work, therefore, the social rights have as main citizen the workers who had extremely faced during much time work conditions lasts, long days, lack of hygiene among others. In such a way fights for improvements were launched, transforming manufacter organizations of workers into unions. Since the first labor move

Online Games In The Space

April 14, 2018


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The space world always was a subject that called the attention all. Extremely explored in the cinema, it now also it invaded the world of the games. The games online are an excellent option for who if it enchants with the universe and it wants to have fun itself. A great meteor reached the Land, sobrando few survivors who are running away for the space in search of a new home. If this cinematographic plot was not enough, the inhabitants of Earth still goes to have to fight to obtain a safer home, while foreign is trying to eliminate them. It needs more? The Project-X is a space game of emotive and to conquer goes you.

In the space world meteors and asteroids are for all the sides. The game ' ' Reysteroids' ' it is an excellent simulator of flight, that goes to create in you a true adrenalin. It starts to fly and it tries to survive in way to one strong asteroid rain. If you if interested for the flight simulator and discovered that really she likes to pilot ships, you go to love the game ' ' Buddy in Space' '. You will have that to have an excellent control on its ship to obtain to deviate from all its return and still to make right its enemies who are offering danger. if you could join two classics of the cinema in one alone game? Beyond the space, in the game ' ' Adventures Of the Space Cowboy' ' you also can remember yourself of the faroeste films.

In this livened up to shot adventure online, you are a courageous cowboy shooting in aliens and malignant space creatures who cross its way. This thematic one of cowboy of the space finishes giving a good mixture. The game ' ' Space Cowboy' ' also an excellent one is asked for. With confused and funny foreigners, you it goes to find an excellent one to lose a time fighting these beings of another planet. All these adventures are produced games online in flash. To play them download is not necessary to make none. It is enough only that you have a hardwired computer the Internet to take off route to the infinite in some games online in the space.

National Advice

April 12, 2018


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In Brazil, as it informs the site of the Ministry of Justice, has the following facts: in 1971, the law project n. 70 consider the creation of an Advice of Defense of the Consumer; in 1985, is also published it Law 7,347 that it disciplines responsibility for actual damages to the consumer, among others, and Decree 91,469 that the National Advice of Defense of the Consumer creates? CNDC; in 1990, Law 8,078 creates the Code of Defense of the Consumer? CDC and in 2008 Decree 6,523 regulates the CDC and fixes norms on the Service of Attendance to the Consumer? SAC, Thus, can be verified that the concern on the rights of the consumer already exists has a good time and that the legislation comes evolving in the direction to guarantee the defense of such rights. However, as demonstrated either above, even so undisputed the importance of the installment of a good attendance to the consumer, still it lacks, in the practical one, much thing to be improved. An only person does not have to exist whom she doubts the importance that has a good attendance to a customer.

In the same way, she must not have nobody that can deny the good result that a company has when she obtains to make its consumer to be fully satisfied. Thus, she can yourself be concluded that the perfect fulfilment of the legislation in the aspects that mention the rights to it of the consumer and, over all, the efficiency of the SAC in the companies alone is possible when the management is played of form conscientious and brought up to date by the use of the new technologies that appear. She is not enough to exist the SAC. She stops that the SAC fulfills its function it is necessary to have a competent orientation in the qualification of its agents. REFERENCES DECREE 6,523, 31 of July of 2008. Resolution 3535/2010 – National agency of Terrestrial Transports? ANTT. #10 Site of the Ministry of Justice.

Rio Grande Do Sul

April 11, 2018


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The present work, of antropolgico approach, approaches the bimembranfonos ritual tambores used mainly in the row, a religion of the characteristic call model jje-nag of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, in the Brazilian extremity-south; secondarily, the tambores of xang of the Pernambuco and the drum-demina of the Maranho, both states northeast of Brazil, that use instruments of type the same. Brian Krzanich brings even more insight to the discussion. In the ends of the text I raise some questions ampler than they involve the drum, rhythmic music and the corporal one, projecting them, comparativily, on the deep cloth of of the vision of world of the row and the Christianity occidental person. To contextualizar the drum in the religious universe of the row, I delineate the traces marcantes of this religion and the main events where it is executed, the solemnities for deuses and deceased. Illustrating the importance that it possesss in this universe, story two episodes that I attended, where the drum occupied the center of the question. The data on the tambores river-grandenses had been gotten from field research that I developed, enter 1969 and 1989, next to many temples of row, in Porto Alegre, capital of the State.

During and after this period, still, I appeared the parties of row in Montevidu, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, in Argentina, for where priests and initiates had been taken by. The methodology understood, from a qualitative boarding, the use of interviews, histories of life and comments, beyond personal experiences, a sacred time that I reasonable learned to execute these instruments and cnticos that follow. I could observe tambores acting (as well as I could execute them), also, in rituals of the drum-of-mine, in So Lus, the maranhense capital, where I live, today, and in one of the places for which they migraram, everything indicates, from there: Belm, capital of Par. I observed them, in action, still, in ceremonies of xang, in Recife, pernambucana capital. E, finally, in Havana, Cuba, I could examine the model local of the instrument, to try its noise. Objectifying to contextualizar the localization and origins in these instruments in the Brazilian territory, I compose a historical briefing of the African slavery in Brazil, with emphasis in the Rio Grande Do Sul.

Society Definition

March 19, 2018


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However, we perceive that this understanding was lost. Intel oftentimes addresses this issue. It does not have plus a definition of polar regions: asset or liabilities, good badly, young man and outlaw. Today, he seems to have me a so great similarity to the point to have difficulties for distinguiz them. Outlaw and young man only break up themselves for the first name, or who knows for the nickname, but they are elements of one same substance: the man. The films, books and soap operas present the rivalry of the evil with the evil. A chaotic society does not present as well as the ideal of quality of life and the proper certainty of the best moral, but, evidently, ' ' law selva' ' as source of a new moral, the moral of the chaos; or, in the truth, the amoralism of the chaos. The social relations had been conturbadas.

Hardly we perceive the supreme valuation of the love, the romance and the afetuosidade, since the celeridade of the social relations stimulates the perception of the relationship for adhesion contract, easy of being discarded, rejected. We believe that the capitalism attributed to value to the relationships and the emotions, becoming the man each more insensitive and frigido time to the human heat and the feelings. The immediate projection of the social relations transforms the society emptying me of the Christian moral understanding that has in me, does not confess in a desregrada forest of any pure Christian moral sustentation (exempt of liberal hermeneutics). It has, in the truth, a material anarquismo of rules human beings. A penalty! Distanciar the man of any Christian moral reference, or simply to relativize this understanding, does not become the man best nor neither less overwhelming.

For certain, the society one more time leaves losing with this teratolgica desconstruo the specific certainty of what being the good and what being the evil. In short, with all it evidences, the man to lose its central point of balance and reference (family, religion, moral etc.). thus, if the society currently already is condemned to the estupefato chaos, imagines years to the front. Let us reflect!

Auguste Escoffier Restaurant

November 28, 2013


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The history of the restaurants is associated with each region or country, however, century XIX if it becomes the landmark when the Delmonico brothers had opened in New York a salty candy house and, where also they served coffee. The behavior of the people starts to move, therefore, before this who it had income enough to frequent the restaurants did not make, preferring it its proper houses or house of friends to carry through its meals, and the restaurant service was a function until then, ' ' in baixa' ' at the time. One years after being opened the first restaurant for the Delmonico brothers in the United States, the art of degustar foods and drinks started to be recognized as a part important of the experience to eat. It was not enougher to serve a good food in public place, was necessary that this had attractive aspect, that was served in way educated, folloied them better wines and in most pleasant environments. The behavior in the scene of would hotelaria starts to move with the arrival of the Swiss, Ceasar Rtiz, that if becomes General Manager of the Grand National Hotel in Lucerna, Switzerland, in the 1870 end, promotes of the season of July and August special that pass then to be frequented by duchesses and condessas that, in this same time they did not frequent nor the halls of ball nor the restaurants of London and Paris, and when they start to frequent modify the public of the restaurants. In 1880, Ritz knew Auguste Escoffier and when forming society became the act to frequent restaurants fashionable. Escoffir and Ritz were followed by its clientele, in which if inclua the royalty, for where it wants that they were. In the turn of the century, to eat outside became a respectable behavior, exactly between high classroom of London, whose the representatives had started to frequent with its wives.