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Society Definition

March 19, 2018


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However, we perceive that this understanding was lost. Intel oftentimes addresses this issue. It does not have plus a definition of polar regions: asset or liabilities, good badly, young man and outlaw. It’s believed that Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq sees a great future in this idea. Today, he seems to have me a so great similarity to the point to have difficulties for distinguiz them. Outlaw and young man only break up themselves for the first name, or who knows for the nickname, but they are elements of one same substance: the man. The films, books and soap operas present the rivalry of the evil with the evil. A chaotic society does not present as well as the ideal of quality of life and the proper certainty of the best moral, but, evidently, ' ' law selva' ' as source of a new moral, the moral of the chaos; or, in the truth, the amoralism of the chaos. The social relations had been conturbadas.

Hardly we perceive the supreme valuation of the love, the romance and the afetuosidade, since the celeridade of the social relations stimulates the perception of the relationship for adhesion contract, easy of being discarded, rejected. We believe that the capitalism attributed to value to the relationships and the emotions, becoming the man each more insensitive and frigido time to the human heat and the feelings. The immediate projection of the social relations transforms the society emptying me of the Christian moral understanding that has in me, does not confess in a desregrada forest of any pure Christian moral sustentation (exempt of liberal hermeneutics). It has, in the truth, a material anarquismo of rules human beings. A penalty! Distanciar the man of any Christian moral reference, or simply to relativize this understanding, does not become the man best nor neither less overwhelming.

For certain, the society one more time leaves losing with this teratolgica desconstruo the specific certainty of what being the good and what being the evil. In short, with all it evidences, the man to lose its central point of balance and reference (family, religion, moral etc.). thus, if the society currently already is condemned to the estupefato chaos, imagines years to the front. Let us reflect!

Auguste Escoffier Restaurant

November 28, 2013


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The history of the restaurants is associated with each region or country, however, century XIX if it becomes the landmark when the Delmonico brothers had opened in New York a salty candy house and, where also they served coffee. The behavior of the people starts to move, therefore, before this who it had income enough to frequent the restaurants did not make, preferring it its proper houses or house of friends to carry through its meals, and the restaurant service was a function until then, ' ' in baixa' ' at the time. One years after being opened the first restaurant for the Delmonico brothers in the United States, the art of degustar foods and drinks started to be recognized as a part important of the experience to eat. It was not enougher to serve a good food in public place, was necessary that this had attractive aspect, that was served in way educated, folloied them better wines and in most pleasant environments. The behavior in the scene of would hotelaria starts to move with the arrival of the Swiss, Ceasar Rtiz, that if becomes General Manager of the Grand National Hotel in Lucerna, Switzerland, in the 1870 end, promotes of the season of July and August special that pass then to be frequented by duchesses and condessas that, in this same time they did not frequent nor the halls of ball nor the restaurants of London and Paris, and when they start to frequent modify the public of the restaurants. In 1880, Ritz knew Auguste Escoffier and when forming society became the act to frequent restaurants fashionable. Escoffir and Ritz were followed by its clientele, in which if inclua the royalty, for where it wants that they were. In the turn of the century, to eat outside became a respectable behavior, exactly between high classroom of London, whose the representatives had started to frequent with its wives.