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Continuous Enjoyment

May 4, 2023


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All our thoughts – only on the implementation of desires. Imagine a world without human desires. This – the world of the dead. Life moves desires. In recent months, Feeding America has been very successful. Even our greatest pride – the ability to think, the human brain – is one single goal: finding the best options to meet those same desires. Without them, it simply degrades from idleness. Descartes was no less right in saying: 'I wish, therefore, exists. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here.

" It is worth closer look at this as an important phenomenon called 'desire'. World – a global network of forces desires once the desire to move and pushes life, then it is some kind of force. Let's leave aside the legitimate question of the source of this power because it is – a separate issue. Assumed that the desire inherent in only the animals and people. But the plants and tend to heat and light, absorb from the environment but they want the matter and try to filter out the harmful ones.

These manifestations quite fall under the category 'desire'. To split stone, you must attach a great deal of effort – effort against the will (desire) of stone to preserve their shape and structure. More effort and energy necessary to apply for 'chopping' of molecules, atoms and elementary microparticles. It turns out that the entire Universe, from the smallest elementary particles to the dimensionless objects in the Universe, is permeated by desire. Satisfaction of desires If we imagine the human desire to form a vessel, the satisfaction of desire leads to the entrance to the vessel of pleasure.


July 8, 2021


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So who is God? We ask this question myself since childhood and can not realize who he was. We go to church, pray, pray for forgiveness sins, and then repeat them, light candles, drink the holy water, buy an icon. See clergy think that only through them, we communicate with God. Our minds are dimmed, as if we all fell asleep at once and forgotten. Ranit because people do not communicate with him through an intermediary, but now? Now what? Today we do not understand the truth, and do not want to understand.

God is Ecumenical perfect mind, a cluster of universal energy, it is love. It must be love, thanks for everything. He's like our hermaphrodite parent, and how he can wish us harm, to punish us? Now you have a question: If he us so fond of, then why do people get sick and suffer? I will try to explain it. The fact is that through the pain he communicates with us, he wants to put us on the right path, suggests that we are doing something wrong, our lifestyle, our thinking and limited world view, he wants us to show it, makes it clear that we need to improve, the way in which we go is a path of destruction, and it leads us only into the abyss. Many ask, why not see it? If he there is, then let him show himself. We see it in the sun, grass, earth, water, all beautiful and perfect. We feel it intuitively always close, but realize it's just a difficult situation where we suddenly became ill and well, when all problems have disappeared and it was the peace and quiet. Only after this shake-up, we realize the truth and understand it.