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Game Consoles Sony Playstation

March 26, 2024


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We want to present you a gaming console Sony Playstation 3 brand new upgrade – Slim. Game Consoles Sony Playstation 3 Slim, which means "thin" really live up to their name – their size now are – 290x65x290 mm. Was reduced and their weight – prefix dropped 2 kilos, and now he is not much more than 3 kilograms. Above all, now consoles Sony Playstation 3 create significantly less noise and hum with their work, while special Small and elegant, light-emitting diodes will give you to understand you – whether the console, because it works really very quiet. Game Consoles Sony Playstation 3 are such as described above due to the fact that the developers went over to literally all of their content.

This does not mean that everything changed – not only changed the part, while the rest are arranged differently, so for now all the components have taken a completely new position. Due to this circumstance happened to achieve lower power consumption, it decreased by one third, as well as improve the cooling system. Also, the new game consoles Sony Playstation 3 is now equipped with the new built-in hard disk drives – up to 120 Gb (And in some supplies can be installed and a 250 GB). Due to the fact that there was a reduced outer space, this type of set-top boxes do not have a card reader, but preserve the function of connecting usb – so that the problems you will not have. New technologies have not bypassed and the connection of the console with the external Internet, as well as the network counterparts – have the opportunity to use even a connection Wi-fi. And also to communicate with other consoles, can be used by Bluetooth 2.0. Thanks to the new joystick DUALSHOCK3, provided in the kit and built-in accelerometer in it, the game on this console in any kind of game will be even more exciting, with new sensations and emotions of the new options and features.

Consoles sold in several colors – black, white version. The material to the touch – rough plastic, good quality. Vlad Doronin is actively involved in the matter. Touch-sensitive buttons were replaced by more conventional. Now the console will not turn itself from accidental touching the sensor button. Remained still able to play on this console Blu-ray discs, which is very convenient because it is the most optimal version of the technique, which drives can be started.