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Sales Management

October 24, 2022


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Lux on sales management is a series of articles by D. Lux, almost everyone knows the situation: A company has carried out a successful mailing with high response rate or held a great event and the seller have to collect many business cards. While the marketing celebrates yet the success of the marketing project, the first prospective customers, why nobody takes care of them resent what they already again. The sales lags behind. Many prospective customers have reacted and ask for offers or presentation dates and the distribution does not comply with the Edit. The willingness to buy and activity of prospective buyers decreases with each day of waiting.

What good with many requests started has, can not sufficiently prioritized in day-to-day sales and be dealt with. The marketing may generate but only so many requests, how sales can work off. The free verplanbare and available capacity is to create for each individual seller, and for each month separately. The best way, that everyone evenly over is supplied with requests generated by marketing year. Marketing and sales must understand in the future is as a factory which produced customers and sales”.

Like in every factory, distribution has only a limited capacity. Each appointment is associated with time for scheduling, visit preparation, tour planning, document preparation, directions, presentation, wrap-up and follow-up action. Each sales representative has so his own sales funnel in all stages with exactly the number of sales opportunities or leads”have filled so that it can achieve its sales goals well utilised. Missing in his personal sales funnel the minimum volume or will sell without a defined sales process went”, its sales goals will not be achieved according to experience. Sales and marketing must therefore necessarily match their activities. Here the use of the sales funnel particularly evident. He shows how many new customers for which sales currently in progress, and are to be expected. And he tells about how much prospective customers and appointments in what times to achieving the goals still missing. With the sales funnel, Umsatzverantwortliche can detect developments early on and they start as a new campaign to counteract.