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February 8, 2017


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Calm and it obeyed its command come pertinho of us well. It said in them that it was a docile animal, that was pregnant of the crossing with a bull of the same race and that, with certainty, would give the light to a strong year-old calf and would produce one ten liters of milk per day. We made the purchase and Mr. Arnaldo delivered the Night love song in our small farm. We were very happy with the arrival of it and all provide an arranged stable with adobe roofing tiles, cocho for water, cocho for ration, serragem in the soil not to form adobe in days of rain. Passed two days where the Night love song was in ours I besiege it ran away for go existing in the fence and us we leave to its search.

We were to find it grazing next to the flock of Mr. Arnaldo. It was on this day that we discover that it could not be alone in our small farm and that she would need company, therefore of the opposite or it would run away or enter in depression. We buy then a heifer to who we call Samantha and meetings, grazed the day all. One three months later the Night love song gave create and were born a year-old calf to who demons the name of Simo . The Night love song produced as much milk that we had to learn to milk it to all take off a little for our consumption leaving the remain for the year-old calf that until bubbled when it was suck.

With taken off milk we made cheese, curd, butter, yoghurts, beyond cakes, pies, vitamins. It was thick, strong, viscous, pure and healthful a milk. A beautiful day, then for the morning, us we were to take off the milk of the Night love song, as of custom, and perceive that it was brave and wanted giving in them chifradas. We did not know the reason of its fierceness and pass then a rope in its neck so that it could be quieter and us we could thus milk it. When we start to remove milk, it gave a coice and left unmanageable running for the grass. I grasped the rope that was in its neck in the useless attempt to try to hold it. He was the first time that I made ski in the grass, therefore I was dragged of belly in the soil for some meters, until I finally obtained to free the rope.

The Order

July 20, 2016


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A simple colloquy is rewarding. Most of the time they are abandoned by the families in asylums and when not, are to the flies, cochilando in the sofa, in front of the television, attending a programming that they had not chosen. Its children, son-in-laws and grandsons find that they cannot listen to them, but yes they listen. They disrespect perhaps what they hear. Fiquei knowing my son, who back in India the aged ones are respected of all the society.

She could not thus be here also? With certainty! said it, with a pretty smile. Soon is delivers, you! Thanks a lot my son! I do not know as to be thankful to it! does not need to thank Sir to me! said it acariciando the hand Mr. But I make dear question! I come, I pay a snack to it does not need Sir! said it. Please, esnobe my does not offer. It comes with me, will be fast. Choice what to want my son! Me of the one bread in the plate, please? asked for it to the attendant.

But only this? It does not go to drink nothing? asked you. and an orange juice, please. complemented it. Mr. does not go to want nothing? asked the attendant. Ah, for me only one cafezinho said it. They had waited for some time for what the order was brought. Meanwhile the old one went saying how many operations had fact, of sight, of hernia and everything how much it is operation that a person can make. It said that he was widower and that it liveed with the son oldest. At this moment, the waiter brought the order of one alone time. He pulled you the wallet and he opened it with the trembling hands.