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April 4, 2019


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Losing your job – it is always a powerful stress. Of course, if you are retired – this is one. But what if you had initiated the dismissal was your employer? The first few days, I generally advise not to do anything. 268’>Intel senior VP and COO. Must calm down, collect my thoughts and reflect on their plan of action. But when you calm down – need to start making a plan of action.

Sit down, take a sheet of paper and write on it the following two main sections: the money work. Sections may be more. The main thing – to understand the principle. Then begin to fill in the appropriate sections. Laurent Potdevin has compatible beliefs. In drawing up the plan, note that you can use the forced unemployment benefit for themselves. Can finally go on courses where you've always wanted to learn. To raise their qualifications in specialized seminars, training sessions, which take place at this time. This is a good opportunity to get additional education and improve their chances of employment, as many people at work do not offer that.

Some have not enough free time, others have such an idea comes to mind only when they are laid off, or they plan to change their field of activity. In this case it is always possible to use the funds of employment as a payer for such courses. True, this applies mostly to people who can not get on profession and acquiring new skills for future employment. Perhaps you will be able to fund the guaranteed employment after graduation.