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Isabell Bock

November 18, 2018


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The participation is possible only on invitation. For more information see. Much more to Brazil there are of course at the same time at the Frankfurt book fair to see. The Latin American country is represented in this year’s guest country on over 700 square meters with 166 publishers. Motto Cozinhando com Palavras”(cooking with words), Brazilian specialties are on the fairgrounds and in selected Frankfurt restaurants served. About Apex-Brasil, the role of Apex-Brasil is the international promotion of Brazilian products and services, as well as attracting foreign investors for strategic sectors of the economy.

Currently, Apex-Brasil supports over 13,000 companies from 81 industries that export in more than 200 markets together. With selected activities and events, Apex Brasil promotes the product diversity of the country. These include among the participating economic platforms, events and forums, support for Brazilian companies participating in international trade fairs, meetings with foreign buyers and decision makers to the idea of Brazil’s production chain and other measures to strengthen the brand in Brazil. Apex-Brasil coordinated all activities relating to direct foreign investment to Brazil, to create resources for the development of the competitiveness of the country. In addition, Apex-Brasil regularly publishes market and competitor studies that serve the Brazilian company as information and basis for decision-making. ‘S objective of of work by Apex-Brasil is to build the competitiveness of Brazilian companies, to promote their internationalization and to attract foreign investors. For more information see facts about Brazil Brazil is the world’s sixth largest economy and the largest economy in Latin America With almost 200 million Population of Brazil has the fifth largest population worldwide Brazil’s gross domestic product is more than 50% of the gross domestic product from all over Latin America Brazil is the third-largest airplane manufacturer in the world and the leading manufacturer of models for up to 120 passengers Brazil is home to the world’s largest biological diversity Brazil is a leader in the production of bio fuels fame creative lab for Apex-Brasil.

Successful Start Of MICE Club In Cologne

August 12, 2015


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‘Hats off’ it can also go for the constructive atmosphere in the new workshop of the inspiration. The MICE Club with its successful debut on the 14th and 15th November 2013 proved that. The new educational-format convinced its participants with an innovative meeting architecture, efficient communication tools, exciting content and exceptional locations in the creative metropolis of Cologne. We wanted to show that business events in our beautiful industry work very well, if we are only prepared to say goodbye to the classic frontal display. After the premiere, we are happy that we achieved this and the MICE Club everyone involved so getting around is. “Now we will evaluate the experience and feedback from the premiere and further develop the concept”, Dominik Deubner said. The initiator of the MICE Club aiming competed in, to create a new platform for the business meetings, incentives, congresses & events (MICE) that stimulates a sustainable dialogue on common trends, opportunities and visions and concrete added value creates for the participants. That succeeded him, the prestigious Swiss brands expert Rolf Gruber points out: the MICE Club has created a communicative atmosphere, I’ve never seen.

It was actually about the people with their specific business expectations. This is the future of meeting design! In addition, the high quality of the public noticed here in Cologne. Without exaggeration I can say that the MICE Club was a meeting of the A League.” Total around 90 party and event planners from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland met for the ground-breaking educational format. On the first day, the unconventional idea round showed in the communication promoting MICE Club arena: the participants with high expectations and specific goals to Cologne. After two intense days the majority agreed, that the MICE Club represents not only a very inspiring knowledge platform with valuable content and a very constructive atmosphere, but also as a networking event a measurable benefit for brought the own business.

Semiconductor Laser

April 20, 2014


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From 16 to 21 September presents the Jenoptik business lasers & material processing on the fair welding & cutting 2013 their solution to the 3D-Metallbearbeitung: the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM Jena, July 30, 2013 – the fair welding & cutting, booth of c122 in Hall 6, shows Jenoptik of international experts their robotic laser machine for the 3D-Metallschneiden. The JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM industrial manufacturers offers a highly flexible, fast-working and cost effective solution for material processing, which brings several advantages over standard laser machines. The core of the JENOPTIK laser cutting system-VOTAN BIM is a laser robot arm, in which the laser beam is directly integrated. The laser coupling via the robot walk, so the transport fiber in the room must be moved with. This minimizes the otherwise cost-intensive maintenance and renewal and streamlined the system.

Even closest places available light through the narrow and only five kilograms laser cutting head. Only in this way can the high path accuracy and obtained the high dynamics of the system, which are necessary for the 3D-Metallbearbeitung. With a repeat accuracy of 100 m the Jenoptik laser machine is one of the most accurate in their class. The axis of the laser arm of Jenoptik are 30 to 60 percent faster than the current standards and allow a significantly shorter cycle times when compared to conventional laser robots for metalworking. Used the JENOPTIK laser machine-VOTAN BIM, especially in the automotive industry, to manipulate complex 3D-Karosserie-and construction parts, as well as three dimensional shaped tubes for exhaust systems, for example.

Other possible applications are all with high cutting quality and process stability the 3D-Laserschneidenvon thin metal parts, as well as the cutting of demanding profiles. For images to download, see our image data bank under lasers & material processing and laser systems. Jenoptik lasers & material processing counts with the Division of the leading providers of laser technology and offers products and Solutions along the entire value chain of laser material processing of the component to the complete laser system. In the area of laser, the company has specializes in high-quality Semiconductor Laser, reliable diode laser modules and systems, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser. With this product portfolio, Jenoptik is the ideal partner for the entire pulse widths range from cw to fs. The high-performance diode lasers is the company of globally recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems develops and manufactures Jenoptik laser machines, which are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation in production lines of customers. These are the processing of plastics, metals and glass in connection with the processing of thin films. While the laser systems allow you manipulate the Jenoptik with utmost efficiency, precision and process reliability. The product portfolio is rounded off by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for the residue-free Elimination of pollutants, which arise in the laser processing and other industrial processes.