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Jorg People

October 10, 2022


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So far every economic crisis has had to do with management errors if it is among the outstanding tasks of personnel management, to ensure that always the right person at the right time in the right place for economic action is responsible, so the answer would be provided with a question mark. Therefore, the question arises: what has gone wrong in the personnel management and what wrong maybe always still? You may research so much after the causes and reasons for the crisis. She is not a natural disaster, but it is made of people and respond to. Learn more about this with American Express. May be advanced even incorrect or missing rules or even a misguided economy. Because they are not a product of nature, but made only by people. You so want to go at the root of all evil, it will be necessarily only people and certain people. Because who else should as people in leadership positions on events in connection with the crisis involved have been? Who could for the end of a crisis and paying their consequences so worried? Now, not every generation has more time, that the ten years or more on the damage removal could wait.

Not every following generation will be simply willing to pay off debts the generation of their fathers and a crisis to pay for, with which it has nothing in common. Which one would be in the selection procedure and criteria for positions that have kept the controller lever bracket during the emergence of the crisis. See Becker, Jorg: leadership without Klinsmann syndrome no new crisis allow, 2009; ISBN 978 3 8391 0644 0 so far has nor any economic crisis had to do with management errors. But it could be what management errors committed around the globe about all races and skin colors across almost in unison? That were concurrent Management error quasi overlap to a tsunami wave and rock high? Declaration of experimental knowledge shortcomings: it could be that it too few data have been? In a world ever more garbage-producing there should have been rather too much than a shortfall of. Could it be that still too little information as the next higher level of the data obtained from this sprawling range of data?

Fairer Gasoline Prices

June 10, 2018


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To create more transparency for motorists, because coming back for more allegations to light, there was price-fixing among providers. Dallas, 07.06.2013 – prove the authorities could not this far yet. Nevertheless, it already wonder how Magic gas stations nationwide adjust prices. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Cartel Office want to implement a gasoline price point in the autumn, where motorists can seek out the best vendors in real time via mobile phones or navigation device. Already there are spat about this decision, because the oil company shell does not agree with this decision. Shell fears competitive advantages, if provider sign their new rates earlier than others these may be just right the consumer, because it is only then a competitive advantage if gasoline prices fall below (link). In Germany, the car driver barely understand this debate.

Them also not revealed why the currently lower crude oil prices not too favorable Lead petrol prices? Because supply is obvious enough. As recently confirmed the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) to maintain its official production target of 30 million barrels daily. nvestors has firm opinions on the matter. As a major OPEC producer, Saudi Arabia, even in addition expanded its production in May and thus supported the oversupply. Also the Iraq will clearly put and give additional production in the market. The more production is always more cost-effective, even if oil prices among other things by the oversupply would have declined. For months, the OPEC countries produce more oil than is in demand? For the second half of OPEC expected a reduction of the over-supply, although, since then, experience has shown that the demand increases.

This view is strengthened by speculative financial investors, also posed by rising prices. As the price of Brent of North Sea oil rose on Monday by 1.5 percent to about 102 dollars, after it in the morning for the first time since a month back under 100 Dollar was quoted. However, can be stated, that the international oil prices fall, what that would actually affect petrol prices at the pumps. It does not, but maybe it’s because we are standing so close before the summer holidays. A truism is that more fuel is consumed and there is no alternative to the car for many citizens. Not even need price-fixing. This makes also the ADAC in a recent press release carefully (link). There is a stable price level in the oil market advantage for investors of oil interests such as those by Amtex. You can rely on continuous capital inflows from the sale of liquid gold. While the existing and economically viable produced occurrence, as well as the technical requirements of the respective production units plays an important role. Amtex this relies on experienced on-site partners, the management is invested also with its own capital, causing an interest equal sound between investors and providers.

Commerce Business

February 28, 2018


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Study on the information and advice needs of small and medium-sized companies of the electronic commerce network will be extended. Media reports Meanwhile daily about the increasing acceptance of smartphones for private users, indentation in the Division but also increasingly takes the features/benefits of using mobile devices. But what opportunities in particular for SMEs and the craft? To small and medium-sized enterprises in a timely manner about the possibilities, potentials and opportunities to inform but also challenges of mobile commerce, the year’s NEG survey considers E-business 2011″Elektronsicher Commerce (NEG) network funded by BMWi grants focusing on the mobile business”. Entrepreneurs are called upon to participate in the survey until June 30, 2011, and to report on their experiences and needs in the area of electronic commerce. In a globalized world, E-business is a constant companion and offers not only the customers of a number of benefits. The usage of mobile devices, as innovative means of E-business, discusses strongly at present especially in public. Long accepted for individuals, they penetrate further the Division. Faster, cheaper and more efficiently is the trend of the business world.

An attractive alternative may be also for SMEs and craft mobile business, so the communication and business transactions via mobile devices, and more and more companies rely on this type of mobile commerce. In this way, for example, advertising and online banking or the sale and purchase of goods and services can be offered. In the ideal case, this type of E-business, in addition to cost reduction, can lead to an increase in the efficiency of intra – and inter-company processes. Only with business strategies can innovations be best implemented? So far, what experiences could make small and medium-sized enterprises? And where E-business related topics missing information? Not to miss the connection to the new trend, the year’s NEG survey “E-Business 2011” focuses on the theme of “Mobile Business”.

Hanseatic City Amount

August 17, 2016


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Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed the Hanseatic City of Hamburg has placed its own funding program for founders and investors. The Hamburg-based funding consultants and tax expert Gunter Zielinski informed the design and requirements of this programme. As an important economic centre, Hamburg is of course interested in expanding its site qualities. In this context, the Hanseatic city has decided to subsidise founders and investors with a separate funding program. Credit-financed investments and support of entrepreneurship in Hamburg are objective of promoting. As with all funding programs, there are also special conveying facts. One is the establishment support of existence of within the first three years after its establishment. Other promotion objectives include the creation of new jobs and the disposition of plants in Hamburg, Germany.

Investments are therefore also to the creation of at least 20% of new jobs promoted, such as the relocation of enterprises within Hamburg. Relocations are only eligible for funding if the company in question has generated annual net income of 125,000 euros in the three-year period prior to the submission of the maximum. Not all founders and entrepreneurs will be encouraged. The funding covers commercial entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the definition of SMEs. Accordingly, freelancers do not benefit from this programme. The acquisition of an enterprise or operation on the part of the buyer leads to the grounds of his livelihood, but for this necessary investment promoted. Is conveyed by the Hanseatic City in the form of a subsidy of leveraged investments. These must include at least 25,000 euros and may amount to EUR 1.2 million.

Base of support is half of the accumulated amount of investment. While not subsidized half of leverage applied must be the founder or investor on the other half receives a grant in the amount of 20% for 12,500 euros. Additional costs are subsidized to 12%. The minimum amount of aid is EUR 2,500, the maximum 25,000 euro. In the face of a vast variety of partly competing programmes, it is not easy to achieve the optimum promotion of the own entrepreneurial projects. The inclusion of an experienced consultant of funding is often the only way to achieve the desired results.

AHEAD Think Tanks

August 16, 2016


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International innovators discuss 5 key future issues of the coming 10 years. “10 future Congress of 2B of AHEAD think tanks on June 14th and 15th, 2014 journalist accreditation now possible Braunschweig, may 4, 2014 – under the motto: 2021: generation uncertainty business models for a world in change stress” are 200 international innovators from industry and society come together on 14/15 June 2014 at Castle Trotha in Brunswick to discuss five of the main topics of the future of the German economy: future question No. 1: A world without Secrets How works? The social hot topic of in coming years. The ongoing trend of democratization leads with the technological possibilities of digitization in a world of comprehensive transparency where it is becoming less and less possible and hardly useful to have secrets. This changes everything from personal identity management, the innovation strategies of the companies to the political decision-making processes. As our world without secrets works, debate: Daniel Domscheidt-Berg, Wikileaks-dropouts and Openleaks founder, Prof. Dr.

Friedrich Weber, Bishop and Christian Muller, philosopher future question No. 2: we trust technology more than people? The answer is: Yes! Today, you trust the GPS more than the front passenger and the iPhone with sustainability footprint more than the seller. But what happens if we have finally understood that the machine intelligence is superior to our minds? How change business models, if intelligent technology filters take over our purchasing decisions? And: we will love even machines for their intelligence? Europe’s most innovative thought leaders present, what impact has this trend for products and business models of living, working, shopping and travel, including: Prof. Dr. David Levy, bestselling author of “Love and Sex with Robots”, Scottish champion in chess (UK), Philip Breuss-Schneeweis, CEO Wikitude (Austria), Ned Wiley, CEO Axel Springer digital TV (United States / D) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer, Director-IEB, University of the arts future question # 3: how to serve the chinese? To change the global balance of power, 2021, China is both technology – and innovation leader in the world.

Saxon State Institute

August 15, 2016


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Jost announced, that is the company with a new concept for the media meeting point Central (MTM) will contribute to the current tender. “We want to use our nationwide network and gain fresh wind the third largest German media Congress. This is a Congress with country-wide reputation, which now faces the next step in its development after very successful. We want to use the current call for proposals, to present a more modern and attractive concept for a ‘new media ‘venue’ central’ to the organisers”, explains managing director Jost. Organisers of the Leipzig media meeting point is an association with the members: Saxon State Institute for private broadcasting and new media SLM, Thuringian media institution TLM, Media Centre Saxony-Anhalt MSA, city of Leipzig, Saxon State Chancellery, Thuringian State Chancellery, Mitteldeutsche media promotion MDM, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR, DREFA media holding, tele Columbus, radio PSR, BCS broadcast Saxony, Thuringia State wave, new wave Saxony broadcasting and the Saxony casinos. In addition to the media Congress a leadership Congress shall be organized 2012 in the State capital Dresden also.

Background is that the German economy can see in all areas that it is not sufficient to discuss future models and innovations only from the perspective of new business models and products. Rather it is matter to fit the new, digital times the leadership skills of decision-makers in all sectors of society. A new kind of “Leadership” replace existing business and management skills. In the after knowledge-based society it no longer involves the knowledge as an ideal of the educated bourgeoisie. This is being replaced by the request to reflect information better than to classify others, and question. Decision makers who understand it to constantly changing teams, be the new guiding ideal of society.

Alexander Albert CEO

August 15, 2016


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The farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH, marketed immediately the products of ESB energy Sudbyern. These include E.g. the cheap gas rates of ESB energy South Bavaria GmbH… The independent energy distributor HFO energy, launches a co-operation with the gas and company ESB (energy South Bavaria GmbH) in the near future. The Munich-based energy provider, provided natural gas to about 160,000 customers in 256 municipalities in 2009 over 13 billion kilowatt hours. The ESB is a product supplier and innovative partner for us.

Especially the price certainty by up to 3 years, providing its customers with ESB convinced us”informed Alexander Albert CEO of HFO energy GmbH. In the coming months, HFO energy would like to concentrate mainly on the marketing of gas tariffs over ESB. Many of our specialist dealers have realized that high sales in the gas market or Commission potential. Alexander Albert reported here the energy South Bavaria GmbH is a solid and reliable product”by HFO energy. Just in the Commercial customer sector, can take advantage of its strengths HFO energy by the ESB (energy South Bavaria GmbH) product donors. A large part of the sales partner of HFO energy specialises in the business customer segment. Precisely in this area, ESB (energy South Bavaria GmbH) offers interesting pricing models.

In addition to the fact that ESB works with a solid and reliable fare structure, we offer interested dealer lucrative Commission models. These include in particular follow-up commissions”explains Alexander Albert of HFO energy GmbH. For more information interested dealer and Distributor on the Internet page that was HFO energy company 2009 in court established. The HFO energy GmbH has developed nationwide since its inception as one of the largest independent energy broker. In conveying the company specializes the neutral marketing of electricity and gas tariffs. In addition, HFO energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of LED lamps. The HFO energy provides more than 18 different vendors in the meantime: Optimal Grun Charity, SauberGas, FlexStrom, ESD energy South Bavaria GmbH, Stadtwerke Kassel, GoldGas, Lichtblick, lekker energy, Vattenfall, EGT Energiehandel, Stadtwerke Leipzig u.w. The HFO energy GmbH belongs 100% to the HFO Telecom AG and has its headquarters in Hof.

Ireland Business

August 13, 2016


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“Rewardlife finally in Germany available London, England and Bad Soden am Taunus, 03.05.2011, the British Rewardlife Management Ltd. and DonnellySpire business development & consulting give their cooperation to the launch of Rewardlifes reward travel manager” known in Germany. Rewardlife supports companies in the commercial exploitation of frequent flyer miles, who have accumulated their employees on business trips. In this way, you can save travel costs amounting to over two million euros per year at larger companies and corporations. “In addition to Office space and German contacts we get also the important knowledge of the German travel industry by DonnellySpire business development & consulting and have access to its comprehensive network”, so Mike Lawrence, Managing Director of the London company. The team of DonnellySpire have the added value of the reward travel manager”for German companies make, immediately recognized and will better the relevant target group give that a foreign company can do that. “” Adds Corinna Arras-Rettig, managing partner of DonnellySpire: A solution as reward travel manager “, which among other things is at one of the top 50 companies in the Fortune 500 in use for many years and there annually saves travel costs into the millions, also for German companies invaluable.” The Federal Labor Court ruled in 2006 that on business trips accumulated frequent flyer miles are available to the employer (9 AZR 500/05). The benefits and amenities of frequent flyer status remain with the Rewardlife solution for the traveller but untouched”, second managing partner of DonnellySpire adds Andreas Schurrle.

ABOUT REWARDLIFE MANAGEMENT LTD, the London company is in its eleventh year. Purpose is to help companies reduce spending on business travel up to 25% by commercial exploitation of frequent flyer miles accumulated on business trips and bonus points. Gesellschaftsmittel is”the reward travel manager, an easy-to-implement technological solution, which can already within lower travel expenditure significantly by a short time. The tool located since 2003 at one of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies in the usage and this saved annually two million euros to flight issues as a result, that the frequent flyer mile accounts of over 17,500 employees are centrally managed and optimized and new flights from this pool out are booked. ABOUT DONNELLY & SPIRE CONSULTANTS Donnelly & Spire consultants, founded in 2006, Office represents – in collaboration with Villa Epting + service – abroad successful and leading companies in the travel and travel technology industry in Germany. Donnelly & Spire acts primarily as a local incubator and accelerator. To the customer by Donnelly & Spire consultants Villa Epting Office + service include among others the Croatian Frodo s.o.o., Pharos Datacom Ltd. from Great Britain, OpenJaw Technologies Ltd. and Traveldev Ltd. of Ireland and SkyGate A / S of Denmark. Donnelly & Spire Consultants and Villa Epting business + service are official partners of the Irish Trade Board Enterprise Ireland, the Dublin Institute of technology, the Marshall Goldsmith School of management, San Diego, CA, the Frankfurt School of tourism’s Weigand KG, Member of the travel industry Club, the IHK Frankfurt and Member in the Swiss German Club.

BSC Balanced

August 7, 2016


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2. difficulties in the application of the balanced scorecard, it is very difficult to evaluate the process of the introduction of the BSC in the society because many years must go for getting the objective results. This time much of the activity of the company changes. The introduction to the first stage, i.e. the development of the strategic goals for the top management, happens quickly enough and clear, but the rise covered himself further with the problems, because he calls the large extent of the preparatory and explanatory work. In this case, the participation of the head of the corresponding outline is mandatory. 3. absence of rapid results getting the weighted results of activity is possible only in the course of several years.

Therefore, the most serious problem in the lack of understanding by the top management of the objectives of the introduction of the balanced scorecard in the fast changing market conditions can arise. In the development of the balanced scorecard for the separate divisions of the Company cannot use the benefits of the BSC in the context of the whole of society, and as a result you get the much smaller effect, completely that an arbitrary arrangement of society with a whole series of other subdivisions acts together and, undoubtedly, depends on the quality of their work. 4. difficulty in assessing the importance of KPIs the selection of KPIs is a responsible enough and ambiguous process. Especially it becomes obvious, when determining which happens not financial indicators. The key figures are constantly checked in societies, and the provision of non financial indicators, particularly in the first stage, is enough complicated because of their ambiguity.

The Consumer

August 7, 2016


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Shapewear for women with Korperbewussstsein stimulates the lingerie industry: panties, bras and bodies. To get more embroidery, more tips and new colors and glitter and Mica often in combination with black. But especially for the everyday needs of the price market will remain remain strong. Only the big business forms of the food retail trade and the textile discounter serve these needs at the trade level. Priced about positioning themselves Tchibo, Strauss & co.

The so-called new Center occupy the large chain stores and labels of the clothing market. The lingerie brand manufacturers push continued with its own shops in the market, making the verticalization progress progresses. Also the present linen retail, which is more stable than expected and (co -) determines the quality range up to date strong benefits from it. At the same time the Internet to a significant market size grows. In the laundry and clothing retailers currently obtained 38 percent of sales. There is something marred the very positive image of Laundry and knitting industry however by a veritable explosion of prices textile raw materials and preliminary products. In particular in the area of cotton yarn prices international almost doubled within a few months. Higher production costs in Asia, as well as increases in the transport are responsible for this.

So the majority of manufacturers comes from rising prices. Since the necessary cost-cutting measures have been exhausted the savings in recent years, significant increases of in sales prices can be expected. In the industry sectors laundry “IBH not only the commodity groups are subjected to laundering, Corsetry, bathing suits and stockings of a detailed analysis, but created a long-term forecast of the main distribution channels by the manufacturer to the consumer. Former marketing employee of Dr. Vossen at the BBE as a designated team of authors cooperate with IBH. The footprint of the press release is free of charge.