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Max Karagoz

August 5, 2016


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Alternatively, they fly back in the home country but also once and later emigrate in the United States. Plenty of room for good business ideas for potential United States immigrant is the green card something like the big lot”, says Max Karagoz. His company ALTON LLC based in Miami (Florida) supports people from German-speaking countries, by an undertaking with the American legal form limited liability company (LLC) “or corporation” would start. Such a company is possible even without green card with the visa E1 or E2 as immigrants in the United States to do. Although they are temporary, they can be extended and usually offer a very high security for long-term stays in the United States.

Only the green card but turns them into a 100-percent security and frees the owner from the need to make new applications every couple of years. The United States offer for smart founders of companies”still have plenty of space, says Max Karagoz. Green Card winners should be therefore to consider whether the step towards independence for them might be the better start in the United States.” He observed the US markets from professional point of view, sees trends and niches that can be filled in the American business world of resourceful new entrepreneurs at an early stage. The company everything is easier with good support ALTON LLC has already accompanied many Germans on the way to their U.S. companies. In doing so it takes all the formalities and supports the founder if desired with other tasks around the optimum business. The offered services range here by searching according to appropriate residential or commercial real estate to help in the search after matching employees. With such support, the launch in the United States succeed perfectly. There is the green card double fun.