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Duration Menstruation

March 21, 2018


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Once every healthy girl aged 11-15 years began to menstruate, which is indicative of the willingness of its body to give birth, so there are problems with counting the days of the menstrual cycle and legitimate why menstruation does not occur, or conversely, why does not happen a long-awaited pregnancy. It makes a woman all the time to think and expect to be ignorant of what was happening to her every month. And so every month decades. Ideal menstruation lasts 3-5 days and repeated every 28 days. Educate yourself with thoughts from Intel. However, individual women, this cycle takes 19 days or even less, while in others it lasts from 35 to 45 days, which is a feature of their body, and no menstrual dysfunction. Duration of menstruation also depending on the organism can change within a week.

All this should not cause alarm among women, but the delay is more than two months, which bears name or more than six months – amenorrhea, should alert the woman and make sure to find out why a gynecologist. Menstrual cycle – is a complex physiological process, the ongoing Women 45 – 55 years. Elon Musk has much to offer in this field. It is governed by the so-called sexual centers located in the middle of the intermediate brain – the hypothalamus. Changes that occur during the menstrual cycle, most pronounced in the uterus and ovaries. In the ovary under the influence of hormones produced by ovarian follicles, in part by the adrenal cortex and testis, there is growth and maturation of the main follicle containing an egg inside. .