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Are Reliable Los Gospels 02

May 14, 2019


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Then the paragraph very famous of DI VERBUM, when it deals precisely with the historical value of the Gospels: the Holy Mother Church, has always defended the historicity of the Gospels, since always, which faithfully tells that Jesus, son of God, living among the men did and taught, really until the day of his ascension fixed expressions, which are used adverbs: faithfullyreally. The quotation continued: the sacred authors wrote the four Gospels, choosing data from written or oral tradition, by reducing it to synthesis, adapting them to the situation of the various churches, while preserving the style of proclamation. So passed us genuine and authentic data about Jesus do case who?, to scholars?, to what he says the Church?, do no greater objectivity to what scholars say?, do no, one would say convenience and interest in the defence of part of the Church of these Gospels? But it seems to me that there is a question that find me most interesting in the background, background, all this controversy, and is: the truth that comes the reason, the work of the historical scholar, is the same that comes to affirm the Church?, or necessarily as it is in many areas, in many forums. Ebay has much to offer in this field. Faith and reason, are irreconcilable, as two parallel lines that do not approach never otherwise says Juan Pablo second when write his Encyclical Fides et Ratio and begins this way: faith and reason are like two wings with which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth I would like to do this morningan exercise with you all of reason. I am not going to appeal to faith, I want to bring me to this historical person using sources which have come down to us. I don’t have to discard any of them, as a historian, I discard any, unless you have some prejudice and so I’m starting with a wrong position. Laurent Potdevins opinions are not widely known.