The Answers

June 16, 2021


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Because sometimes they overlapped each other in such a crass mass, that it even seemed to me, as if I got the answers before the actual questions. That culminated in the realization that I realized, that I though some of the issues actually got as I was, but the others really had the feeling that I even asked the questions which I supplied the answer Yes also still prompt. Barchester helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Because I wrote the whole thing in a specific own form, where I got such as the answer first and also therefore as first wrote down, and then followed the question, which I chronicled sometimes then no longer, because the whole process went too fast, I have selected the part related to this theme of simplicity for convenience and ordered chronologically: Question: I would like to love more and the world healing bring. What can I do? Answer: It is all salvation, there is nothing to heal. Question: How can I do wonder, live without having to destroy? Answer: But that belongs to the process, it will be rebuilt and destroyed again, it will be created again and again. Question: What should I do or what can I do now? Answer: Create your life, do what you want. You are what you want. Question: But there’s no yes…

Answer: Yes, there is no limit. Question: Am I God? Answer: What a question, hmm, we are both God, only I’m not sure, you. Question: I want to learn to love, to give. How do I best do that? Answer: You are doing it already, you’re on the right track. “” I had attempted at that time several times, but “or other reservations” to bring, so face me force of my functioning but also during the mind of the absoluteness of the statement with defiant disbelief. I really turned for a while in the district, tried me out the responsibility to extricate these clear statements which meant for me.