The Dates For 2009 Are At The 1st Scooter & Dreirad Stammtisch Eppingen.

March 27, 2023


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With the scooters and tricycles in the new year, looking back 2008 and preview 2009 and again is a year with 2- and 3-wheel passed. It was this year somewhat quieter as the year 2007 what the activities concerned, but you can not always “go full throttle”. The meeting in Eppingen was visited regularly and diligently and there were Evangelical, in whole Germany the one or the other meeting, often in ‘Cooperation’ with the Vespa Club Scooterboy’s Heilbronn. Only a small part of the events: at the Carnival night parade in Eppingen as well as the Carnival parade in EPP-Rohrbach we were represented. With his handlebar Frank Skuttnick not take the “Bensheim Bee” to be had this year. The skill tournament of the VC Scooterboy’s on the 19.04.08 was Eppingen moved to.

Unfortunately, it was very rainy that day. On the 16.05.08, we went with a small detachment to the big scooter get-together to Karlsruhe. The first set the roller for this year was in Furth. In the summer a very rare roller team after Eppingen came proud was presented at the Rollersause in the Schuppachtal in ohringen. In August it moved to Frankfurt and in September was the last meeting that we have approached in Hirschaid near Bamberg. But even at the open day in Eppingen, we were represented.

So again a successful year, also from the point of view that none had recorded an accident, which is not necessarily normal at the traffic density and the often existing recklessness on German roads. We want but not complaining! The new year begins with a small exit to Sinsheim to the pizza-eating on the 02.01.09. Also we are again in the night parade in Eppingen the 14.02.09 and moving the wicker-WACKER in EPP.-Rohrbach represented. Otherwise we back the km of one way or another “way”. It will be reported again at this point. You can read the one or the other under. Who feels now addressed, must be happy to see us. We are not a vehicle bound and know topics of conversation outside of wheels and motors.