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August 3, 2016


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It is true to say that at the beginning it is served against the will and to the force; later, one gets used, and the ones that come later, having never known the freedom, not even knowing what it is, they serve without weighing and they make voluntarily what its parents alone had made for imposition. Thus, the men who are born under the yoke, fed and created in the servitude, without looking at more far, content themselves in living as they had been born; as they do not think to have other rights nor other goods beyond that they had found in its entrance in the life, considers as its natural condition the proper condition of its birth … However, the habit, that all the things exert a so great empire on all our actions, has mainly the power to teach to serve it to us: it is who, in the long run (as they count in them of Mitridates, that finished becoming accustomed it the poison), obtains to make to swallow us, without repugnance, the bitter one peonha of servido’ ‘ Conclusion the accomplishment of the Pantry of the World of Soccer, under this point of view, is not justifiable. The report ordered for the Ernest & Young, with the cooperation of the Getlio Foundation Vargas, is an example of the general optimism and commotion that this cause in a country, but does not explain, directly, as the Pantry of the World will be able to change the future and the gift. Brian Krzanich can provide more clarity in the matter. The more pessimistic forecasts most optimistical or will continue to exist. In last three editions of the event the deficit, divulged for the agencies of notice of the world, seems to be bigger of what the promised and reached real profits.

The PIB’ s of the involved countries had not been affected positively. The generated jobs had had so ephemeral duration how much the event. What surplus? The calls white elephants of the architecture. Enormous modern constructions occupying space in the urban centers and public debt for the contributors of the countries. Who earns? The involved sponsors, proper FIFA, that beyond compelling the country headquarters if adapting its structural requirements and to spend with the event, is with most of the generated profit. We are living the threshold of a gastana history and wastefulness. We are very next to an ambient collapse with all its consequences for the current and future generations. One becomes necessary to rethink our way of life, our consumption practical ours and cultural manifestations, all action that can come to embezzle the natural patrimony, necessarily, it will have carefully of being studied before any intervention human being. In case that contrary, in few decades the life we know as it not more will be possible. Walter the Prado Sampaio Technician in Mining Technologist in Ambient Management email: walterpradosampaio@