The Group

March 13, 2014


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In this sense, it is valid that let’s talk about: formal, informal, primary groups, task, base, therapy, personal growth, meeting, groups T, etc., however, the groups have in common, some general properties. In this work, are considered as General properties of a group, the following characteristics: interaction, cohesion, structure, the rules and the goals of the group. Below defines each one of them: the interaction: this referred to the reciprocity between two or more persons (reciprocal effect), includes ways and means through which individuals interact between if (relate), to perform the tasks of development, maintenance and growth of the group. This is a property or characteristic common in small groups (maximum 15 participants), and which more is developed in praxis. Cohesion: Is the degree in which a group is appealing to its members, is given by the feeling of belonging to the group.

Also is defined, as a set of forces that act upon the members of the group, to make them stay there. Cohesion strengthens the bonds of camaraderie and friendship among the members of the group. Investigations on cohesion, demonstrate that it requires that the members of a group have a very high morale, feelings of belonging and identification with peers; This feature instills underlying, among the participants of a group. Structure: Refers to the Organization and to the rules of behavior of the group. This property implies a hierarchical system in which group grants to its members, positions and different in accordance with: roles capabilities, skills, knowledge, status, age, etc. Standards: Constitute the frame of reference for the behavior of the group. Also defined, as the rules of conduct proposed and accepted by all members, for the proper functioning, maintenance, growth and development of the group. Goals: Constitute the result expected by the Group; to achieve them, the members of the group work together.