The Meter

November 7, 2016


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Let us consider two typical situations where the interests intersect electricity supplying organizations and consumers. The main use electronic multi-tariff meter. You have built a new house (or other object that requires a separate power supply). The first thing you need to do – apply for a contract supply (if you have not already done so during the construction phase), and obtain technical conditions for the organization of metering. When choosing a meter (if not specifically mentioned in the technical specifications) should pay attention to: the availability and integrity of the seals on the body of the meter. The presence of stamps and seals in registration – as indicated in the passport, and on the front panel counter. The interval between the date of issue and date of installation (via) shall not exceed one god.klass accuracy – not more than 1.

Specify a number in the circle on the front panel meter and pasporte.mezhpoverochny interval, is considered the date of issue, usually at least 8 years. Indicated in pasporte.nalichie connector for remote removal dannyh.diapazon operating temperatures – may require additional heating, if the meter installed on the street. Then you invite an inspector to inspect the installation and metering of seals on the meter and the opening gun. The inspector shall prepare minutes of the examination (one copy retained by you) and seal device. Since then, no complaints (with fillings) for improper assembly or 'curves' testimony (in your favor) you submit can not, of course, if they prove that the intervention was in the scheme.