The Psicopedaggica Performance Front To The Group Interpersonal Relations

November 21, 2013


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The interest appeared of the necessity of that the interaction happens between all, diminishing or even though curing existing gaps between the employees and, from now on, to help in the development and growth of the educative unit/company and, consequentemente, to desmembrar the groups with negative performances inside of these. Therefore, this work if makes excellent for the formation of affective bonds and the use of the interacionais relations/group refusals as useful in the development and growth of educative units/companies. In the scientific scope, it considers to collaborate in the combat to the formation of groups with negative performance and in the dismemberment of that already they had been formed, through the strategical creation of considered internal movements.

Socially, it will contribute in the interaction between the employee, employee employees//activities proposals, employees/direction and in the creation of new affective bonds. Word-key: psicopedaggica performance, interaction, growth, dismemberment. Introduction Has the gift, the purpose to raise the performance of psicopedagogo in the institucional scope, either in the Educational or Enterprise area and to define the interpersonal relations, the factors that influence the formation of groups or the exclusion of them and as to act in these relations, being the organization, the communication and the motivation of extreme importance in these environments. Since, due to great amount of people that they work in the majority of the educative units and in the companies, it is noticed formation of groups that want to be distinguished a little more than others, not searching the growth and the socialization between all, but yes, assuming inconvenient positions and imposing opinions nor always of common agreement, what it finishes generating failure in meeting of information and misunderstandings between employees, hindering the performance correct and waited by the direction. Moreover, in the work environment, it always has people that they possess more affinity with ones of what with others, what is normal in any group. However, those exist that are more bashful and have fear to demonstrate its interest and to even interact with that they have more time of service or they show to be more experienced.