The Reader

April 12, 2018


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These affirmations reveal of a discrimination total manipulated by the politics and the social ideology. However, most of the time, these people called illiterates are capable to codify the reality, that those that had known and decoded the word mechanically. The reflection is the base to have an understandable reading, therefore the reader must demonstrate to sensitivity and spirit of search. Thus, to study it is not simply to assume a position of consumer ideas, but to be the proper author, keeping the humildade to perceive that the more we know more we perceive that it very has to learn. Therefore, we understand the reading as a true mirror of what it has been presented as the luggage culture of each person.

Of this form, the reader will try to reflect all informative luggage of each one, and to try to understand the diverse entities promote that it, therefore without the reading would not have accumulation of knowledge and nor evolution of knowing. 2 – The reading in a critical-social perspective With we know the reading is an instrument of awareness and criticidade for the conquest of rights and in such a way as well as collective individual duties inside of the society. According to Luckesi et al (2000, P. 133): In the world of the schools, the reading still continues with honrosas exceptions in the line of the verbalismo, the repetition, the memorization and retention of contents without the same ones are submitted to a critical process of evaluation wants for the confrontation of its I with reality Is truth, the profile of the pupil today, in consequence of the social differences, hardly will obtain to see motivador the process educational as something, therefore the satisfaction of these aspects is basic for the elaboration of an entailed project of life the pertaining to school formation. She is necessary that the educators play a role to create a motivacional climate in the schools, a special form so that the students feel something motivador.