The Relations

July 16, 2013


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This puts an end to explain why properly, use the imagination through well-designed displays, It causes that the personality, the way of thinking, mood and even physical health are becoming a reality. Visualizing is cause the brain to send signals to the body to make you feel and live the joy, well-being, security and other emotions that want to provoke in our personality and our life. In addition, the visualizations give changes in our brain, which becomes stronger and more able to react in a positive way, automatically, to the most varied situations of life. Our brain literally grows and strengthens the connections of neurons that generate the emotions that we have scheduled with the display. Thus, the visualizations generate mental and emotional habits that make us react automatically in the way in which we have displayed.

They generate a new personality if we so want it. And a new way of being is always the key to obtain new results in life. Our way of relating with others, face the problems of the life, take the opportunities and risks in professional life and in general everything that surrounds us, becomes positive, appropriate and efficient as more visualizations exercises build our new way of being. Joy, harmony in the relations of friendship, work, couple or family, professional ability or physical health, all aspects of life are transformed and grow bringing us success and well-being through visualization. This is why that, regardless of reality or falseness of the metaphysical level attributed to the law of attraction, is sure the visualizations are key to transform our attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, and thereby our life. In addition, if the metaphysical side prove true, visualize, not only our interior will be positive, but that also attract all physical circumstances to achieve and have the life you want. Original author and source of the article.