The Service

November 22, 2013


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Of the psicanaltico point of view, we are as the babies who have its necessities readily taken care of by its mother, that is, we live the imediatismo, and thus we are sovereign. The adolescence if inserts in a psychological disposal for the discarding, where emotional the affective plan also it follows the rule of the dismissable one, a mark of the contemporaneidade that enaltece the adolescence and vitimiza the aged one. Being is instantaneous, dismissable, imediatista, and passes to be treated not as an affection between two people, and yes as a merchandise any, that can be negotiated. This culture and way of behavior invade the subjetividades solapando the classic figures of the identity of an individual. The imediatismo of being for the adolescent implies in not fixing the nothing and to nobody, with a praticidade character, that in will go it to the future to spray with diverse frustrations in the emotional scope. According to ROLNIK (1997) the adolescent ahead of the behavior to be, can be considered as a kit, as standard of available identity in the market for ample consumption, being also renewable. He has some time come close themselves observing changes in the organization of the family due the transformations in the affective bonds and the relationships that gave support to the traditional nuclear family.

Thus, the relations they pass more fluid, brief, instantaneous, to be diversified and unstable. As it designates GIDDENS (1991) the romantic love is giving place to the plastic love, something seemed as a business inside of a relation, and where it has validity stated period, that is, lasts while to last the co-satisfaction between the partners. For BAUMAN (1998) one another aspect of the affective relationship of the contemporaneidade, seated in the sexuality, is that before the sexuality was placed the service of a life project, and today the sexuality is placed simply in hedonista, egoistic, imediatista and also isolacionista way.