The Symbolic

July 30, 2015


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It thinks, in a revealing letter? of its joy, in a declaration of love, friendship, happiness. It thinks about verses, poems, written for you? he dedicates a time of its life to think good feelings and the dirigiz them it who you love. He personalizes its gift, with what really valley the penalty to be personalized? he joins its better feelings in the symbolic one, in what he is perpetual and not in what it is transitory and material. 3. If you have money, accurately know the physical and mental effort that cost to gain, you cannot, just therefore, to want to give its day of work its namorada one, because thus it goes to be if asking: He will be that I am not valid more than this? Or he will be himself different, exactly thus goes to ask itself: More I am valid everything this? He will always have a comparison? with the intrinsic value in the gift. Then, people cannot be evaluated by monetary values? thing that all the gifts want to transmit. more, we must know: that things of the heart cannot be bought with money. A thing is a thing? another thing is another thing.

4. A child to play of truth does not make difference some, or with lada of milk in dust pulled for a string, or with a remote-control car I acquire in the Shopping. The fancy is not on the prices, unites is much more on to the imagination that the remote control wants to inhibit. This linking is to subliminar is created for the market to enslave you to a consumerism irrational. You, still, think, therefore not? 5. The pleasure to have technical advanced a new object in such a way lasts how much the time of a new and brilliant launching? e, you have money to follow these launchings? E, more the functionality is always same, or the very next one to the previous one, what it differs are the promocionais apelos for new functions and many of the completely unnecessary times, beyond, almost always, air-tight and intelligible, for the common man.