Unique Wound Cure

March 23, 2023


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Theresienol by traditional wound cure can skin grafts for Burns and scalds avoided an over 650 years old miracle remedy revolutionized the methods of treatment for Burns and provides groundbreaking wound healing results Worgl/Tirol – increasingly tends to even modern medicine old natural remedies because it is at the end with the aggressive chemicals and their side effects. I made a special experience in my practice with the Theresienol given needy allegedly for 600 years as a family recipe. I’ve now learned that Theresienol applied also by specialists at the hospital, because it shows a surprising effect especially for burns. Burns and scalds, damage of the skin tissue caused by heat of more than 45 degrees Celsius. Burns are classified according to extent and depth in the grade one to four. The extent of a burn is, related to the affected area, as a proportion of body surface. The therapy depends on the depth of the injury, but this can often be assessed exactly on the second or third day after the accident. Burns and scalds the temperature rises so strongly, that it, can cause cell damage or cell death the coagulation of protein particles and even up to the charring. Others including Penguin Random House, offer their opinions as well.

In classical orthodox medicine scalding and especially 2nd and 3rd degree burns are treated so far with skin grafts. After such surgery, it is often necessary to wear compression underwear to reduce the scarring. Transplanted skin must be maintained especially. Skin cells on the healing of burns do not migrate, they are closer together and it comes to the scarring of the skin. Scars after burns are problematic especially in children because the scars can adapt almost to the natural growth of the child. They are therefore particularly painful and must be treated in some cases often surgically. When severe scarring, a lifelong treatment may be necessary.

Contrary to all Theresienol, just to the first-line treatment, a special feature represents Orthodox recommendations. Through immediate application by Theresienol Scalds and burns on the burns, is an instant pain relief (patients report after a few minutes pain) and causes already incipient Antiseptierung. Already in the 14th century, Theresienol was regarded as one of the few effective wound remedies of this time. Since then, the formulation and the preparation of oil without interruption in the family is passed as the current recipe keeper, Theresia Reitsamer, managing partner of Theresienol GmbH in Kufstein, told. On purely natural and herbal essences based, the self-healing are encouraged through the unique blend, resulting in remarkable healing successes were also non – or poorly healing wounds and be. Theresienol is now regarded as a modern, medically recognized medicinal. To date, no side effects are known, but only a comprehensive, fast and painless healing. So, here’s a great gift of nature to the suffering people and especially for the physicians who are very clueless in above-mentioned situations. Theresienol is available in most pharmacies and of course I also Theresienol in my practice for emergencies. Dr. med.