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January 22, 2017


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“Basically it comes to interest as many people from the target group for the own offerings”, performs the Visconnect Managing Director. Clearly identifiable commercials are on platforms uploaded and than ads in the Switched network. “As a particularly effective to have the so-called InVideo ads appeared, therefore used with preference of Visconnect”, explained Lonser, adding: “these clips are approximately 15 seconds and appear shortly after the user has launched this in a video. Brian Krzanich is often quoted on this topic. It runs with a countdown indicating the user, when the advertising clip is finished. These commercials are viewed almost always in full length.” The advertisements also has the subset of image videos, which act as a serious business-to-business advertising and are available only on the homepage. (b) viral campaigns: from prospective customers viral campaigns are as the best way, to make prospective customers.

“For them is not recognizable that it involves commercials”, introduces Lonser to the topic. “Instead, the style is simple and the clip seems so, as if he were at home by a user and not to have been created by Visconnect”, so the expert continues. “The aim of such films is to fall on portals and to be recommended. The responsible Company must keep however a certain distance, so that not can be uncovered, that it is in truth but an advertisement”, adds the CEO. But there is an exception: “viral campaigns can be carried out by the target group itself and are extremely effective in: A company must launch only a sweepstakes and encourage the own community members in a short video to explain why they should win the competition.” Most users share these videos by alone on your social media profile and are on the road as a free video marketing agents. Visconnect plans in this case the campaign that animates the users themselves to pick up the camera”, depicts Lonser. Video marketing as opposed to the classic marketing who wants to successfully work with video marketing, so must be: Classic use distribution channels maximum rollers turn and place it in the right places perform viral campaigns that involve the target groups. “From classic marketing such strategies are especially This off, that the available channels are numerous, not every clip is immediately unmasked as advertising and already gained customers can be obtained much easier to “Cooperate”,”online marketing expert Andre Lonser summarizes again and adds as a precaution:”but always the risk that a clip is not seen until the end of the video marketing complement the classical action, but not replaced. Video marketing works only connected. Visconnect plant so that the message always reaches the recipient in the target group. all campaigns” A publication of Visconnect GmbH 2012