Wall Air Conditioners

August 20, 2016


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In Russia, the deserved success with consumers enjoy the air conditioning the Japanese company Mitsubishi. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi is perfect for small areas conditioning facilities. In 2008, went on sale new HG series home wall air-conditioners by 22 freon: SRK20HG/SRC20HG, SRK28HG/SRC28HG, SRK40HG/SRC40HG. This wall-mounted air conditioners cooling capacity of 2 to 4 kW, which have kept excellent processing properties and high reliability of the previous series of HD, but changed the appearance of the indoor unit. The new design has a pronounced brutal nature and is more rigorous lines. Board microprocessor wall air-conditioners of the HG is protected by special silicone layer that protects against moisture and long life. In the wall air conditioners of the HG has a function of self-cleaning indoor unit evaporator, which eliminates the formation of mildew and unpleasant odors in the indoor unit. Within two hours after stopping the air conditioner automatically enabled its purification.

This feature can be disabled by the user. The structure of the HG wall air-conditioners included panel Tourmaline coated with constantly generating negative ions. Even when the air conditioner does not work, the concentration of negative ions up to 2500 – 3000 per cu. See, that is the same as in the woods near a stream or near a waterfall. At This does not make any extra energy. When running the air conditioner efficiency of the ionization process is greatly increased. In addition to the regulatory system of the air flow, allowing uniform blow all the room in the design of the HG wall air-conditioners using the principle of stabilizing the optimized corrugation, which provides a smooth air flow. This allows you to minimize noise at work air conditioner, since the interaction of air flow and fan is minimized.

In the wall air conditioners used the HG washable photocatalytic deodorizing filter. Due to be restored deodorizing filter is a reusable function. If the filter is dirty, to restore the deodorizing function should only wash the filter with water and dried in the sun. Filter keeps the air inside premises with fresh, he picks up molecules that cause odors. One component of the filter is titanium oxide. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi Series HG – this is an excellent choice of HVAC equipment in terms of price and quality to create the ideal climate in the apartment.