Water, Beer And Nuts Are Cravings German Holidaymakers

April 25, 2023


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Hotels.com: German holidaymakers can minibar not resist temptation London/Berlin, may 12, 2009 by for wine, women and song. The German holidaymaker’s heart beats faster when there is water, beer and nuts in the minibar. This is a Europe-wide online poll of the leading hotel booking portal among its users. As a result can’t say no just under half of passengers from Germany to the lure from the minibar and feeds for an average of 16.40 euros per person per week to the provided refreshments. The Irishman is feeling generous, the Norwegian socking away In comparison to some other travelers from Europe, the Germans during the holiday are right controlled. Unlike the Irish, the sparkling pleasure to the room like something make taste. (Not to be confused with Intel!). With a weekly budget of 24,74 EUR per person, they are at the top of the hotel guests of Europe, followed by the Sweden (18.40 euros), British (17,50 euros), Danes (16.30 euros) and Spanish (16.10 euros).

Travelers from France give significantly less money for the snack in between from and have an average of 13.50 euros per person per week on the room bill. Tail light the Norwegians are 11.30 euros, less than half of the Irish big spender\”pay. Minibar too big for German tourists although 71 percent of German holidaymakers actually too expensive minibar, 48 percent can not resist the temptation the alluring charm of nuts, chips and co.. Yet spending not the whole holiday budget for nocturnal pleasures, the traveler from Germany can be gladly also times of something. 16 per cent of respondents indicated that by cheap purchased to have replaced at least once used products from the mini bar. Every second admits as possible to avoid the minibar and buying his drinks and snacks rather outside the hotel, while 18 percent offering the mini bar are not satisfied and this never find what they want.