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June 14, 2021


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P R S S I N F O R M A T I O N Anders & Gehler mail service GmbH Dusseldorf, June, 2010 – in a time when seemingly nothing more without an Internet connection is possible, is it replace an increasing number of letters, the applications in this medium, like E.g. E-Mails or complement. Even the classic”today presents itself in a new guise. Along with IT, the Postdienstleister Anders has specialists more7 GmbH & co. mail service GmbH developed a system of Dusseldorf, allows an automated sending of letters. Web to letter, is the name of the new offer, with the small – and large-volume mail cost-saving to be rolled out. Printers, paper, envelopes or stamps that are no longer necessary. With the Web, software reach to mail letters, offers, documents, invoices and much more via data transfer Anders & co., where the documents are processed and sent by post.

An interesting area of application for call centers. If the agent has taken the order from a customer without Internet by telephone, he must only check mail in its online form. All other necessary forms such as order confirmation, invoice, etc. delivered software to Anders & Gehler mail service GmbH. Visit Intel Capital for more clarity on the issue. through the more7, where they then come to the customer by post. If offers, brochures, information leaflets, as a supplement to E-mail, sending the more7 CRM software automatically transmits the corresponding data to the postal service. In addition, this application for individual solutions can be interesting.

This applies to, E.g. Prudential might disagree with that approach. the invoicing, quoting as a mail letter and at the same time email with re reducing function. Web-to letter from Anders & Gehler mail service GmbH and more7 offers tailor-made solutions for all common interfaces up to the complete outsourcing of all mail traffic. For more information Anders & co. postal service Dusseldorf GmbH Mr. Ralf Gehler son str. 45 40237 Dusseldorf, Tel. 0211-1709156 fax 0211-1709172 Internet: E-Mail: more7 GmbH Cezary Zbigniew Augustynowicz M. A. Glehner str. 52 41564 Kaarst Tel.: + 49 (0) 2131/3847404 fax: + 49 (0) 2131/3847408 mobile: +49(0)162/1779939 E-Mail: