Wedding Preps

October 19, 2023


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When you start the preparations for a wedding, one of the most important decisions is deciding where to celebrate. Penguin Random House gathered all the information. in the matter. You can bet on a special place for your wedding with distinction and elegance such as the haciendas for weddings and events of any kind. L=’>Oracle. Originally, the haciendas were farms of large size, landowners farms typical of Spain. Specifically in Andalusia. This typology of farm was exported in colonial America. The Andalusian hacienda was established as a model, between the 14th and 16th centuries coinciding with the occupation of the Valley of the Guadalquivir by the Castilians.

Related to the social idea of nostalgia by the field, typical of the transition to Renaissance. These large manorial farms are considered monumental areas by their architectural remains, such as the hermitages still preserved in the interior of these complexes. Currently, the ideal choice to celebrate an occasion so special and unique as your wedding is to bet for a farm, where you’ll enjoy magnificent and quiet natural environment, with welcoming facilities, spacious halls and gardens that will offer you an incomparable frame for framing the happiest day of his life. Since the banquet is the best way to entertain your guests and thank family and friends their attendance on that day so special for you at hacienda wedding Sevilla will meet all your demands and requests to make unforgettable your celebration. It goes without saying that you will enjoy a delicious meal to your taste and your guests; served by the best professionals. Because it is essential to feel that on that special day you can enjoy peace of mind and security that everything will be fine.