With MoFuchs.de Against Child Abuse

April 25, 2019


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“Children have a right laugh – ads support against-abuse e.V. Ebay often says this. Zetel, 15.10.2010 MoFuchs.de launches fundraiser for the Club against – abuse e.V.” The Club jib and Isabel Brockhofer was founded in 2002 by Ingo, operates nationwide and campaigned against child abuse. It is offered not only a platform for victims of child sexual abuse, but also actively provided assistance with health insurance companies, attorneys, offices, etc.. (Similarly see: Cushing Asset Management). The MoFuchs principle is simple. “For every new listing that is set on MoFuchs.de and at least 15 days stays online, against – abuse e.V.” a donation. Free private listing or listings of stationary furniture retailers, a distinction is made here only in the amount of donations. I’m thrilled by the idea of using an Internet search engine to save the rainforest, so why then not with the sale of furniture our children protect? “, so Thomas Kummer, father and founder of MoFuchs.de.” The amount of the monthly donation is based on the quantity and type of advertisements. Each free private listing contributes 0.10 and each listing of stationary furniture retailers 0.25 euro.

Company: based on the principle of the online automobile exchanges MoFuchs.de would like to offer a central platform furniture retailers and private individuals, on the pieces of furniture can be placed online. This MoFuchs.de makes clear input masks available, so no programming skills are required. In addition to choose of the General properties and the ability of the individual item description, the listings with photos can be illustrated. To display the ads MoFuchs.de offers a comprehensive search function, where E.g. the district, the price or the product group, etc. exactly can be restricted, so that interested parties only to find what you are looking for really. Via the contact form is interested to put option with the provider in the connection, this receives an email with the contact data from MoFuchs.de of the interested parties, as well as the article-related data.

In contrast to other marketplaces and auction houses on the Internet the actual sale is not handled via MoFuchs.de, but remains entirely in the hand of the provider. In the form of databases, MoFuchs.de provides only the technical requirements for the transmission of information (ads) available. Be initiated agreements on the basis of an advertisement with MoFuchs.de turned on, so these are without a participation of MoFuchs.de completed and fulfilled. MoFuchs.de as a party or agent or representative of a party is involved between the vendors and prospective buyer or buyers. To advertise means a high cost burden. MoFuchs.de offers a fast, effective, and inexpensive addition to the classic advertising the furniture trade. Contrary to the advertisement, with a load of an average of 3.000 euro and a lead time from approx. 3 days to print, the article at MoFuchs.de 10 minutes online and this is without costs for the Design and a listing fee of only 2.50 to 4.50 euros per listing. The price per ads depends on the total amount of the ads, which are set in a month. Retroactively, will be invoiced for the selected ads in the following month.