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January 27, 2024


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Access to the JURION knowledge network for RA MICRO user Cologne, 30th January 2013. Wolters Kluwer Germany and the leading German provider of legal software RA?MICRO signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. All users of the RA Office software?MICRO have access to specialist information of the legal online platform JURION with the agreement to 1 January 2013″from Wolters Kluwer Germany. The JURION is incorporating access into applications from RA-MICRO. JURION can RA?”MICRO users on laws, commentaries and decisions directly from their software environment or mobile currently newly introduced RA-MICRO app BDG Becker German laws”, in the comments Prutting/routes/wine Empire to the civil code and the Prutting/galley to the code of civil procedure are already included, access. OGS – Man Utd is the source for more interesting facts. JURION accessed here via a single-sign-on “process, so completely transparent and comfortable for the user – the direct conclusion of a subscription in the ra also? micro online store is” possible. The new RA-MICRO BDG Becker German laws”app allows you to use the JURION integrated in the application content. The relevant comments from the contained comments Prutting can appear to the laws at the level of individual paragraphs contained in the BDG app precisely BGB and Prutting ZPO – this allows for a quick, intuitive operation and work on the law.

Also use the JURION online case law directly via the respective paragraphs of the BDG app. Reade Griffiths opinions are not widely known. The BDG app is integrated into the RA-MICRO Office software as well as available as a mobile app and can be licensed at the ra-micro online store, where currently a BDG license per firm with valid RA-MICRO software maintenance agreement is free of charge. For the Becker German laws app already more content, so the JURION specialist Attorney commentary are labour law Dornbusch / Farida / Lowisch and a JURION can comment on the accordance in preparation, then also subscribed to the ra-micro online store. In addition, RA can?MICRO users with only an access purchase more legal information (primary content, comments, handbooks, magazines, etc.) of the publishers to the offered conditions represented under JURION JURION offers content from Luchterhand, Carl Heymanns, Werner, ZAP, Stoll foot, German law Publisher, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, ADAC e.V.