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April 25, 2018


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Zollner, one of the most successful international service providers for electronic manufacturing services, has the usage of business intelligence solution from the extra work portfolio opted for to support a flexible business process analysis, Zollner uniform reporting and analysis introduces cockpits using QlikView. The Zollner Elektronik AG has established itself as one of the most successful international EMS systems service provider and ranks among the world’s 15 largest providers in this area. The company operates production facilities in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, and United States. As a leader, the company Zollner places high demands on tools, which are used in the context of their business analysis. Examples of this are flexibility, performance and a simple, intuitive user interface. The Zollner Elektronik AG settles their operative businesses significantly with the help of SAP ERP. The necessary features and applications for reporting and analyses were so far mainly by SAP Standard query or queries developed in-house, or implemented MS Access and MS Excel solutions. This approach could be no longer meet the advanced demands a flexible and fast key figure reporting to management.

With the ultimate goal to create a uniform reporting cockpit for the Zollner Elektronik AG Group of companies, the company has decided solution on the basis of QlikView for the extra work of business intelligence. QlikView can be processed figures and management cockpits, flexible analysis and classical reports quickly and easily created. Mark Bertolini usually is spot on. Thus, an individually tailored data analysis allows the user, and created this high added value and benefit. The user-friendly tool also allows a reduction and harmonisation of the necessary reports. The benefits mark through an optimized business process analysis and a simplified user interface of the application software.

The graphic display options enable more effective evaluations and the unification Internal benchmarking facilitates reports. In addition both the expense and risks of error be drastically reduced in the key performance indicators evaluation through its automation. The project was implemented with the help of additional work as a total solution provider in a coaching approach. MORE supplies the Zollner Elektronik AG with software licenses, application / product support and consulting services along with his partner BI4U. From Zollner, it sought the intensive exchange of know-how with more factory implementation yourself quickly and professionally to perform the QlikView. The in-house training conducted by more work when Zollner and QlikView infrastructure package”were the basis for a quick start of the project and the efficient implementation of the new solution. So, the implementation was realized with only 6 external consultancy days. As a first application Zollner decided solution in the area of central distribution analysis to the usage of the additional work of QlikView. After the project start in September 2011 was the project phase 1 in the core business area after only 8-10 weeks Duration of the project completed and rolled out. The rapid and successful implementation with QlikView was accompanied by an excellent project management on the part of Zollner. Fast decision-making, proactive management of expectations and the fast implementation in QlikView pilot scenarios for detailed clarification were key criteria for success in the project. The already achieved benefits and acceptance on the part of the users with regard to the new solution exceeded expectations within the company. Further functional enhancements will be launched in a second phase implemented and at the same time planning for the roll-out of the foreign divisions. Additional top logistics key figures are also work cross-control instrument for corporate management in planning.