Alfa Words

August 9, 2021


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In the program Alfa and Beto, he has three types of dictated professor to make it in lesson. The dictated one of sounds has as objective that the pupil spells each sound of the word, of the left right it and to confer the sound that hears. The challenge is that the pupil obtains to write the words such as they are and not only what it thinks that hears. Celina Dubin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Later it is transferred a well understood fast correction and. This dictated type of can be made of one the two times per week.

In the dictated one of words, it can be played with the pseudowords, words that do not exist, do not possess sensible. This is an important part in the process of decoding (reading) and the spelling (written, dictated). These words allow that the pupil justifies the choice of the grafia. It is not to be worried about the learning of these words, since they do not exist and it has not meant some. Later it comes the dictated one of phrases for those more advanced pupils. It is started with short phrases and one increases as the progress of the pupil. It is essential that the pupils if accustom to register different types of texts in writing: tickets, acknowledgments, lists, etc. Beyond the correct grafia, the pupils are taken to give attention in the punctuation, the use of the capital letters and the disposal of the text.

4.A fluency in the reading To have fluency in the reading means to correctly read with precision and rapidity and to understand what it is read. To read with automaticity is when the decoding already was automatized. This is the first stage for the fluency. The fluency it is an ability that allows to establish a way between identifying words and understanding the direction in a text. Thus it is processed by the brain.