Basic Education

August 1, 2016


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If to show them these goals to me for a student of the current basic education, it will go to laugh total at us, as if we were speaking of another reality, being unaware of what he is constitutionally right of all pupil and if they had become utopias. Valley the penalty to mention despite the Decennial Plan of Education is strengthened in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases, approved in 1996, consolidating and extending the duty of the State with the education in general and in particular with basic education. As it was necessary mount of money publishes to become these possible objectives, in 1996 the Deep one of Maintenance of the Development of Ensino Fundamental was approved (FUNDEF) as a program of distribution of the public resources for the fulfilment of the objectives of the Decennial Plan, also known as Vintenal Plan, after all the stated period for its fulfilment already passed of the stated period and its goals at least had not been fulfilled. One more time, the population loses for not knowing what he was its for right. A rearticulao of the PDE was to the elaboration of the National Plan of Educao (PNE) that it entered in vigor in 2001 that as well as the PDE already has stated period foreseen for its finishes 10 years after and its goals also are far from being fulfilled. With the PNE, the FUNDEF is changedded into FUNDEB (Deep of Maintenance and Development of the Basic Education and the Valuation of the Professionals of Education) leaving to only restrict itself to basic education, but all basic education, of 07 to the 14 years. As much the FUNDEF how much the FUNDEB is conducted by the same values of the financing model, adding only, particularly as for the inclusion of other relative levels of education to the basic education, however, the Deep one induces the expansivo increase of school registrations so that the distribution of the maintenance resources is sent for the institution, but, neglects the quality of the education that, I repeat, is constitutionally the primordial reason of the investment I publish in the education. .