Citizenship And Participation

November 19, 2015


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In the first instance, worth and need to stop us in what it is and means citizenship, figure, fact, phenomenon, realization, etc., so ancient and so recent. To read more click here: Mark Bertolini. Which has assumed a variety of nuances and meanings throughout history, until arriving to become generator topic of discussion and around which some are contesting definitions or explanations that others argue. Historically, traditions such as the liberal, Republican, and the community must be taken into account as givers of the origin of the conception which currently has citizenship, in Western thought. As well, the theories liberalesentienden that citizenship is a status, which entitles citizens to enjoy a set of rights guaranteed by the State. The first rights were those of civil and political, then social rights were also included. Moreover, according to the tradition of community citizenship is defined by the fact of being a member of a community, of a Group, and share a series of civic virtues as respect for others and the recognition of the importance of public service.

And finally, for the Republican tradition the citizen can be understood as the that shares a common civic identity, modeled using a common public culture that for many authors, is reached through participation in public life, still above particular identities. All of the above, to my view, significantly contributes in the construction of a definition of citizenship. And although it is true that traditions emphasize some aspects than at others, it is important that he discovers the concern by responding to the needs that arise inside communities, formed by individuals, they are ultimately the that give sense and raison d ‘ etre to societies. Thus the things, is very well spoken and emphasize the rights (civil, political, social) but as undoubtedly not everything ends there, with equal weighting stands the fact that also recognize the urgent need to observe the responsibilities that all individuals, as members of society or human conglomerate must implement in a spontaneous way, as a thing of nature, of the same nature that makes us recognize ourselves as part of the others, and so it leads us to act in a way such that nothing we worsen those who are our around and with whom We share a few contexts and execute certain roles as part of the State on which we base our social evolution, without forgetting, of course, the significance of national borders that is evident in this time thanks to the technological tools and social-economicas policies that prevail.