Daniel Dirkes

July 6, 2016


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Artland agency that specializes in artisan… Artland marketing agency specializing in craftsman has started a small artisan directory. The directory of the craftsman craft can register for free. The companies will receive an individual text to the company together with a valuable link to your own website. Here, those interested in the craft directory can enter: tradesmen directory eintrag.html objective of the platform is the mutual search engine optimization: “links are an essential part of a good ranking in search engines. Just craft place too little value on a search engine optimized page. Therefore, we give the companies a valuable, because content optimized link. “, says owner Daniel Dirkes and adds further:”of course we are pleased in return via a link on our site, then we all benefit.

” But that is purely voluntary.” The Agency from overcoming wants first to test the craft directory and, as is the interest of the companies. There should be enough Interested in give, thinks the company also about extending the platform. Then, the page is also optimized so that the companies benefit even more from the artisan directory. Artland marketing is a marketing consulting & advertising agency. The nationwide agency specializes in marketing for artisans and small businesses. The optimization of advertising budgets, development of customer acquisition strategies and planning and implementation of advertising campaigns include the focus on. Founder & owner of Daniel Darch is considered a specialist in the marketing consultancy for small companies. His articles appear in leading industry magazines.