English Market

November 17, 2013


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It is a very competitive market with trends to the consumption growth. The deodorant market, divided in pine and milky, if has segmented with the introduction of new fragrances, that enhance more after the cleanness the use of the products. In this market the Bombril also is leader with the marks Pine Bril and Kalipto. The market of saponceos has been marked for the technological improvement in the development of less abrasive products, but with same capacity of cleanness, enclosing its use and magnifying its consumption. The Bombril, with its Saplio Radium, also is leader in this category with 70% of the market. It is through the mark that the companies – in its values and ideals? they enter in the houses and imaginary the collective one of the population and that, from there, the success of the businesses can be defined. Mark is the translation of the English brand, that it comes of branding, used old for the North Americans to assign the process of marking with made hot iron in the identification of the cattle. It is accurately this that happens: the incandescent iron of the mark if penetrates, beyond the skin, but in the mind of the people as one forms to carry through consumption desires.

The embrenha mark if in the emotional of the modern human being of complex form, subjective e, therefore, the companies capable to make with that its mark if has detached among the others leaves in the front in the race for so dreamed fidelizao. In this point, the evolution in the relationship with the consumer can be changedded into the connecting rod of iron that supports the blazon of the mark or the water bucket that cools the flame of its setting. The mark is not alone the main intangible asset of the company, but its essence. The construction of the mark must be coherent with the value of the product, if the product is of high quality, the mark does not have to make to remember something of bad or low quality.