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June 21, 2021


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Instead of that, aydalo to look for in Internet a form to clean the milkshake of strawberry of the clothes and you will see that it does not return to do it. Otrgale protagonism in its studies Often, I listen parents to complain which their adolescent children do not study although they do the summaries to them, ask to him the professors what matter enters the examinations and their rights like students are always defending. These parents do not realize of which the problem is that they have to his children absolutely annulled like students and for that reason: they do not take responsibility before the studies. In order to change this situation, the majority of the families, they decide to let the boy or girl prints, which is, to retire all the supports to him of blow. The peculiar thing is that soon they are surprised when seeing that the thing goes to worse.

But then, what we do? Then the ideal is that we are educating the adolescent to go acquiring every time majors responsibility levels, providing to him opportunities to be he or she herself the one that asks to him its professor how it goes in class, what needs to practice or to request advice to him to confront the examination. Once a month, we with our son or daughter will ask appointment the professor to go. For it, we will ask to him him or it, to prepare the meeting in advance and will support their position in front of the professor, although if this she emphasizes something that we know that our adolescent needs to improve, we will request more information on the matter. The objective in this case is to demonstrate to the adolescent who escapes some to him that another important information and that can have us to guide to him until controls this situation by itself. This implies to be tolerant with the errors and to contemplate them from an ample perspective, like part of the learning of all student. These three techniques always work to me I apply when them with the adolescents, is more, normally they adopt to me immediately and soon it costs to me enough that they leave the therapy. This is they see because me like a one older sister. Then, that way the shots go families: to leave your son sees like an adult you with more experience than he, who is a person besides being his ancestor.