Marriage and Economics

November 21, 2013


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Beyond the own emotional repercussions that could entail the bankruptcy of a marriage, have this one place in the form of separation or divorce, it is precise to consider its possible effects for the economy of the spouses. These could far beyond, sometimes, be devastating, being able afectaros during a period of time the one of the own sadness and melancholy of the rupture. For that reason an suitable planning of the economy of the spouses is indispensable so that the separation or the divorce no they suppose a true trauma in this sense for both. Next we go to detallarte diverse advice and recommendations that in a while can resultarte very useful of great vulnerability as it can be the waiting room of your married rupture. a) First of all, it would be necessary that along with your pair or alone (if it were not in agreement with the decision of separaros or divorciaros) you would realise a complete inventory of your patrimony, detailing all the goods and the cash that they integrate as well as its value. b) Also you would have to compile information on your own private properties, as well as on which you had acquired through inheritances or donations.

You do not allow that, before confusion situations, your pair can be appropriated goods that could corresponderte. c) He would be recommendable, on the other hand, that you adopted a policy of containment of expenses, eliminating as far as possible those that you could consider superfluous or unnecessary. Of not doing it, you could finish lamenting it. d) You would have, in addition, asegurarte out of danger to preserve the existing bottoms in Cuentas and Depsitos that you had your spouse and you common. Your pair could have temptations, facing your separation or divorce, of dejarte without anything taking advantage of your joint ownership. To come up is always better than to have later to cure. For that reason most advisable it would be than you abrieras a new Current Account, preferably in another organization or Bank, in which you would enter your bottoms and you would domicile your list, to which obvious it could not have access your pair. e) In line with the previous thing, if you anticipated possible problems with your spouse, he would be advisable that you cancelled all the tie credit cards to common accounts.

In spite of the confidence that you could have in your pair, you would have to settle any possibility of doubt. Before extreme situations the people react of very different forms, and I disgust can be a bad advisor in these situations. Of not putting remedies now you could end up lamenting it. Begoa Alcaine River basin Original author and source of the article.