Mini Course

November 16, 2013


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List Opt In (those persons who register to your list) deserves special attention. Usually people don’t enroll without having a reason to do so. The best of these is to offer them a report, a series of Videos or a Minicourse. Free and above all with news, novelties or valuable information and useful. This will help you not only to establish you as an expert in your niche market but it will help you to create a relationship with your potential clients, based on trust and this, believe me, it’s a fundamental thing to create a residual income source that will allow you to make money using the internet from home. The Minicourse should be created in separate files, preferably in text and ready to upload to the autoresponder. The links will be entered when uploading them.

1. You must create a series of around ten email sent at a distance of six to ten days. 2. Messages must not unnecessarily be lengths not to bore the reader. 3 They must be written by ensuring a brief, concise reading and fluid. 4 Trafficking using a friendly language, as if to talk about with a friend, without forgetting the fact that you have to be known as an expert on the subject. 5. They are sufficient docientas words.

6 Creates expectations: at the beginning and end of each chapter you can use phrases like this, for example: Hello, friend, today I wanted to give an advice simple and important to that however, many people not given due consideration. They don’t know that in doing so they lose 30% of plants from diseases that are preventable 7. At the end of each chapter there to anticipate a little of what you say in the next post, trying to keep alive the curiosity of the reader. 8. The expectation is a very powerful psychological tool that should be exploited and utilized. 9. Try to include at the beginning and at the end your link or link in an unforced manner without altering the wording, inviting to click. 10. Always invites your readers to send your doubts or questions. This will help you find the inspiration for your articles and successive e-mail messages, create a link of confidence with your readers. Why respond to your questions. In this case, you can message all using a general method. For example putting a new article on your blog, creating a free report to download with your link allowing your readers to give away them or also can find themes to create other Minicourses.