June 30, 2021


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This increase arrives the 120 percent. Where it turns the money? – I FORESAW Not only it, but the Providence in the State and Private Banks also would be directed for the safes of the government and no pensioner would earn more than what the maximum ceiling of the INSS. A MP with promises of devolution of the money with bigger interests would be edited. – This MP can leave as soon as the Servers to start to receive the increases what it would calm a little the discouraged workers who had lost the balance of its headings.

– This everything happened the little time in U.S.A., in many countries of the Europe and Asia and ha one month in Argentina. It only lacks in Brazil. The explanation: ‘ an international trend. – Beyond the small support that the government gave to the flagellates in SC, also it had a gigantic support to the Federal, active Public Servers and inactive that will be able to finance it ties 350 a thousand Reals each one in Federal government saving bank and Bank of Brazil the symbolic interests, that is, 1,2 million active and inactive servers can catch this money. The property will be insured for the Box Safe, that in the truth, this denying the majority of the insurances, probably because it does not have money. alone to verify which the insuring one that more it denies benefits in the sites of the courts.

– The numbers of the economy and surpluses can be being very well maquiados for the great popular Barber of Brasilia. To understand e’ more; to only study the BARBER OF SEVILLE. – The Nationalization of the Private Providences would be a master-stroke of the government to increase the popularity and to guarantee the re-election of the current party keeping the situation. – I wait that this trend is missed, but, History teaches in them very. 3- Crisis! That Crisis? Our economy e’ solid. But they are not thinking about who really constructs Brazil. They are not thinking about who really it works and it saves. 90 percent of the Brazilians would thank such strategy of the government, because they are not part of the Insured in Headings of Private Providence nor they would perceive the gravity of the MP because at least they know about what one is.