Sara Drink

December 13, 2012


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Passed these things, Sara he died, now Abrao widower, Isaque in the age to contract marriage, Abrao calls its older servant and it orders to it to place the hand underneath of its thigh and says to make an oath: you do not take woman for my son between the cananias, it leaves nor it to come back toward my native land, but it goes there and it brings amongst my kindred a wife. Sevo feared due the difficulty of the mission, but Abrao says: the God in whose presence I walk, will ahead send of you its Angel and will take the good term its day, but if the woman not to want to come unobligated will be of the oath. The attitude of Abrao is very wise and has Biblical endorsement: 2 CO 6:14 you do not set in I judge different with the infidels, therefore that society has justice with the injustice, and that communion has the light with the darknesses, and that harmony has between Christ and belial. that union has between the believer and the unbeliever, and that linking has enters the sanctuary of God and the dolos, as proper it said, will walk and inhabit in the way of them, I will be its God and them they will be my people. The man leaves in the company of the servants and ten camels and stops next to a water source, it are of the city, and when the children of the men of the land it left to search water made with God a test, asking for a signal that one that it of this of to drink and also of this to drink the camels will be this the chosen one.