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March 1, 2014


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The man has conscience that a little in a terror balance lives, because knows, relatively well, uses them proper intentions, that resulted it intends to reach with certain attitudes, used instruments and materials, in the plans that go elaborating and developing in the practical one of the concrete life, physical and objectivada for determined target. One such balance of terror has, systematically, ignored other alternatives, for signal, good, well very more compatible with superior intelligence human being and the inigualvel and unquestioned dignity that human being results of the condition of being person. To place to the service of the war, the destruction, the suffering, pain and the death all this human potential and the natural resources that Somebody created for the benefit of all, constitutes a behavior ' ' beastly selvagem' ' , against the Nature and God, any that is the Deity represents that It, in each man, each culture, each people. 8’>Intel. Whenever a man, a group, a community invokes the principle, according to which, ' ' all are born free and iguais' ' , it will mean to intend to act in compliance with or, for the opposite, such manifestation only looks for to hide the hypocrisy of who intends to act, necessarily, to the inverse one and disrespecting its fellow creature? Safeguarding the happy exceptions, it is attended, currently, to the wildest despudorada destruction of the principles and values instituted, since always for the Universal God, consubstanciados in half dozen of virtues, each time more ignored by the man. The majority of the people lives, stops beyond the materiality of the world concrete, worried and in search of the solutions that of the transcendncia of the holy ghost will be able to have for some situations, not yet decided by Science and the Technique. The virtue of the worship to a God n? Which if believes, it constitutes a possibility of happy, calm moments and deep, susceptveis of repetitions, as much how many they are wanted, contributing for a more solidary behavior, inasmuch as: ' ' To adore the true God helps to prevent a purely self-centered way of life.