Social Hierarchy

November 18, 2013


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The social hierarchy, as well as imposed from the outside, Objectifying the subject, acquires ontological defining touches. Social structure appears reified, ontologizada, accepts or prevents access to be already from before the origin of the individual, that to approximate securities depositories used mediators: using the person – the giant costume, the character in its dopey version manipulates Iris (Panther of Broadway) to make her conceive a son with Don Jeronimo to modernism inside, these novels problematizarian the condition or status of the self with extreme characters. Would he I Meanwhile unit and individual is manifest in Donoso on the multiplication of perspectives that assumes the Narrator, without losing the characters through which expresses its functional specificity, and without that the central perspective of the main character/Narrator is cleared; As I let her go out very often, the Iris soon became a great clientele in the neighborhood. I I hid inside the Ford to see her make love to me, screaming of pleasure, stirring eyes, laughed, caressing me cheek, rolling in my eyes (p.96). It is problematised in this novel the existence of a monadic, in one individual, individuality masked because there is not a single substrate univocal. There is not an underlying essence to the person but a process of incarnations. We find ourselves rather in the presence of a desire, a willingness to be that it manifests itself in an always aborted process of individuation. The duality.

The lack of limits of consciousness as an attribute of an individual, and therefore against an object is shown in the permeability of a conscience over the others or in Exchange or possession of a body by another conscience. Beckett offers us a version limit and decanted, the vicissitudes of the individual conceived in terms of a composite identity of a for Yes and a Yes. The task proposed in the trilogy is the gradual stripping of the self and identity insofar as consciousness, the detachment of his accident and the demonstration of this fact substantial remaining in operation.