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November 4, 2013


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In the curve of learning in the different fields that we were developed, we must take note, not only of masterful the academicistas theories that imposes ours to us and the same competition, but than our readers, clients and subscribers demand. This last one, will mark the difference between giving what we want to give or, to give what they ask to us. He is essential to know the degree satisfaction of our readers, prospectuses or clients, as much in which to informative material or of education one talks about, like the related thing to promotional material. This will only be obtained having an approach with our subscribers, clients, students and readers generally; something that, many industralists in Internet avoid, isolating of simple mortals and relegating them for the attention of his used, the programmed car respondent, post office, the bills of sale made with software and predefined formats. When to satisfy he tries himself, it is more important to give what they ask to us, that what we want to give. Our tastes not always are the tastes of ours subscribers. This due to many factors, between which he emphasizes of excellent form the culture. The culture of the people is different from country from country, from community to community and person to person. Perhaps they do not defer the tastes from the members of a family? Study all in a family the same professional races? Work all the members of a family in the same type of work? Reads all the members of a family the same type of books? Llama the attention, when some entrepreneur initiates a new project, or in the multilevel, as affiliate or any other field of the businesses in Internet and tries that all we enter the same type of business, that all we offer to our lists the same products that he or it is promoting.