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Power Wire PPV

June 29, 2017


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Brief description of the cable wire power PPV PPV, flat base with a separation according to GOST 6323-79, is a stiff mounting for electrical circuits with a rated voltage of 450 V (for networks 450/750V) frequency to 400 Hz or DC voltage of 1000 V. The design of the wire conductor PPV PPV is available with 2 or 3 copper annealed conductive wires according to GOST 22483-77. Single-wire conductor has a cross section of 10 mm2. Insulation is made of PVC plastic in white, gray, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, brown, black, purple or yellow-green tsvetov.Tehnicheskie and performance power wires cable PPV is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of -50 C to +70 C and relative humidity to 100% (at +35 C). Limiting long-term exposure temperature heating cables in a live operating conditions of + 70 C. Specific electrical resistance wire strands at 20 C not more than 0.01724 ohm mm2 / m, the electrical resistance of insulation at 20 C is not less than 1000 ohm / km at acceptance and delivery and no less than 10 ohms / km for the period of operation and storage of the wire. Installation of cable PPV is at or below -15 C, minimum bending radius is 10 Dn (where Dn – outer cable diameter).

Building wire length PPV – not less than 100 m. The wires with a cross section up to and including 10mm shipped in coils, wires with a section of more than 10mm – on drums. The service life of these wires during normal operation is 15 wire cables let.Sfera of power PPV used for distribution of electric energy in power and lighting networks with stationary and nonstationary pads indoors and outdoors. Some brands allow wires hidden pad under a layer of plaster. With a single gasket wire PPV flame retardant.

The Meter

November 7, 2016


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Let us consider two typical situations where the interests intersect electricity supplying organizations and consumers. The main use electronic multi-tariff meter. You have built a new house (or other object that requires a separate power supply). The first thing you need to do – apply for a contract supply (if you have not already done so during the construction phase), and obtain technical conditions for the organization of metering. When choosing a meter (if not specifically mentioned in the technical specifications) should pay attention to: the availability and integrity of the seals on the body of the meter. The presence of stamps and seals in pasporte.data registration – as indicated in the passport, and on the front panel counter. The interval between the date of issue and date of installation (via) shall not exceed one god.klass accuracy – not more than 1.

Specify a number in the circle on the front panel meter and pasporte.mezhpoverochny interval, is considered the date of issue, usually at least 8 years. Indicated in pasporte.nalichie connector for remote removal dannyh.diapazon operating temperatures – may require additional heating, if the meter installed on the street. Then you invite an inspector to inspect the installation and metering of seals on the meter and the opening gun. The inspector shall prepare minutes of the examination (one copy retained by you) and seal device. Since then, no complaints (with fillings) for improper assembly or 'curves' testimony (in your favor) you submit can not, of course, if they prove that the intervention was in the scheme.

Wall Air Conditioners

August 20, 2016


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In Russia, the deserved success with consumers enjoy the air conditioning the Japanese company Mitsubishi. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi is perfect for small areas conditioning facilities. In 2008, went on sale new HG series home wall air-conditioners by 22 freon: SRK20HG/SRC20HG, SRK28HG/SRC28HG, SRK40HG/SRC40HG. This wall-mounted air conditioners cooling capacity of 2 to 4 kW, which have kept excellent processing properties and high reliability of the previous series of HD, but changed the appearance of the indoor unit. The new design has a pronounced brutal nature and is more rigorous lines. Board microprocessor wall air-conditioners of the HG is protected by special silicone layer that protects against moisture and long life. In the wall air conditioners of the HG has a function of self-cleaning indoor unit evaporator, which eliminates the formation of mildew and unpleasant odors in the indoor unit. Within two hours after stopping the air conditioner automatically enabled its purification.

This feature can be disabled by the user. The structure of the HG wall air-conditioners included panel Tourmaline coated with constantly generating negative ions. Even when the air conditioner does not work, the concentration of negative ions up to 2500 – 3000 per cu. See, that is the same as in the woods near a stream or near a waterfall. At This does not make any extra energy. When running the air conditioner efficiency of the ionization process is greatly increased. In addition to the regulatory system of the air flow, allowing uniform blow all the room in the design of the HG wall air-conditioners using the principle of stabilizing the optimized corrugation, which provides a smooth air flow. This allows you to minimize noise at work air conditioner, since the interaction of air flow and fan is minimized.

In the wall air conditioners used the HG washable photocatalytic deodorizing filter. Due to be restored deodorizing filter is a reusable function. If the filter is dirty, to restore the deodorizing function should only wash the filter with water and dried in the sun. Filter keeps the air inside premises with fresh, he picks up molecules that cause odors. One component of the filter is titanium oxide. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi Series HG – this is an excellent choice of HVAC equipment in terms of price and quality to create the ideal climate in the apartment.

Zlatoust Equipment

August 19, 2016


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Manufacture and sale of equipment for manufacturing building blocks "Riphean" is one of the leaders of the Russian market of construction equipment – plant "Construction" located in the city of Zlatoust. Ruler product has several options for equipment intended for the manufacture of concrete products by vibropressing. This modern technique allows to saturate the market a variety of names of concrete products – paving slabs, blocks, which are widely used in the construction industry. Zlatoust vibropress can be stationary or mobile. Today buy vibropress many companies tend to engaged in construction, road works, landscaping objects for different purposes. One of the most popular models is vibropress for blocks, "Condor-1." This technique has good performance and low operational costs. This vibropress has small dimensions, it can be used in confined spaces. "Condor-1 'owners often choose suburban areas garages.

The equipment has high rates of productivity – using the press, you can make 450 or masonry paving 30 square meters per 8-hour shift. However, even at the end work products are of impeccable quality. Constant demand on the market uses production equipment for paving, "Riphean-Buran". This model is available in different trim levels, so each customer can focus on their needs. "Riphean-Buran" is able to reduce production costs by more than 20%, underscoring the benefits of its use.

This new development engineers plant "Construction", which is based on the method of semi vibropressing. This technology allows you to use and handle the concrete mixtures of different rigidity. To change the range of products used special equipment – node "punch-matrix". With this equipment can produce about 15 types of pavers, paving stones and tiles. Performance and reliability are other vibropress of "Construction" for example, "Riphean-Wagon" – a mini-production line of various range of concrete products. It works with hard concrete mixtures, reducing production costs.

The Manufacture Of Mailboxes

August 19, 2016


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All about mailboxes Vilaris company produces about 10 years multisectional mailboxes made of metal. Our company is delighted to ultimately offer you my services in the production of the mailboxes on the order. multisectional mailboxes can be seen in almost every home. They are located both in the office centers, as well as in high rise buildings. Mailboxes are required for anyone who wishes to receive correspondence. As has been said before, our company engaged in manufacturing mailboxes, so we are happy to fulfill your order. Based on their needs of our customers, our designers are ready to develop and produce for you to complete various mailboxes. We produce individual mailboxes.

Our company also manufactures mailboxes “vandal”, which recently gained its popularity. Ltd. manufactures Vilaris mail yaschikiiz sheet metal by special technology, they are covered with waterproof paint. Metal thickness, as well as a sketch of your future mailbox carefully coordinated with the managers. You can make quite an individual order. Color painted mailboxes determined by a professional color table of our company. Also we can paint the walls of the mailbox in a different color. We offer excellent kachestvo.Press release prepared by the Advertising Department Ltd.

Hitachi Excavators

August 17, 2016


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Excavators Hitachi – one of the most popular on the Russian market machinery. Powerful, reliable, many years they work for the benefit of Russian builders, oil and public utilities. It is quite clear that competition is not standing still, in country flooded hundreds of cars from China and Europe. Therefore, before every potential buyer is a question whether to trust the proven brand of Japanese cars, or buy another brand? The best thing about this situation – weigh the pros and cons of excavators Hitachi, information about which service over the years accumulated a lot. So, let's face it. The main minus Hitachi has always been frail and delicate design, which suffered greatly under the pressure of local engineers, educated in the MTZ and TVEKS's.

In recent years, of course, the level of our artists has grown significantly, but in any case, Hitachi Excavators on design complexity and the presence of subtle detail is always lost to competitors. On the other hand, this delicate design not as paradoxical as it sounds amazingly reliable and if you do not interfere in her hands curves clumsy, able to work without breakdowns for many years. Other Excavators must frequently inspect and troubleshoot the various little things in between times. Time of the second. These are the current engines and hydraulics.

Here again, the point is this: the Hitachi so many models to work in a variety of conditions. And if for a particular model in the characteristics of written maximum digging depth, tonnage and power, this does not mean that the machine is designed for continuous use with such loads. The fact that the Japanese are very well-calculated characteristics of his art and, say, if the domestic excavator can pull more than is written in his passport, then the figures for the Japanese – an absolute ceiling. Therefore, if the mean operation in harsh environments, you have to buy machines with more impressive features that far exceed the maximum loads. On average, the range of from Hitachi nothing ever does not flow and does not break – just have to explain to the operator that run the entire length of the rod is fraught with breakdowns. Speaking about the pros Hitachi Power should be noted, which is almost always enough for all types of transactions. And anyway, Hitachi excavators still the most reliable, most importantly you should not skimp on quality and consumable fuels. And, of course, the most important – is that spare parts for excavators are almost always in the dealers. On the other equipment must be ordered, to suffer with the catalogs, but the Hitachi is always possible to find the most necessary. And the service in recent years has increased markedly. The only course, since prices for Hitachi excavators is much higher than other machines. But if you count the economic impact of outages, breakdowns and fuel, to buy Hitachi is much more profitable than, say, Chinese excavator.

CHP Fuel

December 21, 2015


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Non-ferrous slags are different from steel slag high content of iron oxide (20-40%). Fuel slag (Zoloshlaki CHP) Zoloshlaki formed during fuel combustion at the CHP are widely used in the production of building materials. In this regard, we could not ignore this product. When burning solid fuel from its formed part of the mineral ash and slag, whose content is different for different fuels. They constitute 10-15% of brown coal, in the bituminous coals – 3-40%, anthracite – 2-30% oil shale – 50-80% fuel peat – 2-30%, wood – 0,5-1, 5% fuel oil – 0.15-0.2%. In Currently, the majority of CHP fuel is burned in pulverized state, the temperature in the combustion chamber reaches 1200 – 1600 C.

In this conglomerate of various compounds formed from the mineral part of it, stand in a dust mass. Small and light particles (size from 5 to 100 microns) contained in the ashes of up to 80-85%, are carried away from the furnace flue gas conglomerate, forming the so-called ash-entrainment. Larger particles are deposited on / under furnace slag lump of fused or vitreous mass, which is then subjected to granulation. The ratio of generated slag and ash-carryover is different, it depends on the design of the furnace at the CHP and power plant. For example, in furnaces with solid slag removal in the slag usually goes 10-20% of the fuel ash. In furnaces with liquid slag removal of slag becomes 20-40%, while in cyclone furnaces – to 85 – 90% of the fuel ash.

International Scientific Conference

December 10, 2015


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The company “Alley Software” took part in the IX International Scientific Conference “Electronic Age of Culture”, held 13-17 September 2010 in Listvyanka Irkutsk region with the support of MinkulturyRF, Russian State Library, the Russian Association of Electronic Libraries (ELBI) and the Foundation “Electronic Age of Culture.” Conference on “Electronic Age of Culture” held annually in different cultural and historical centers Russia. Participants in it – managers and senior staff of major cultural institutions, education and science, as well as representatives from the business community. The main objective of the event organizers called the conservation of cultural heritage of Russia and the development of a unified concept of informatization development of cultural industries. This year, more than 150 professionals from all over Russia gathered to discuss specific areas of information and practical solutions libraries, museums, theaters, educational institutions, as well as see the latest advances in computer technology, digitization of information and new ways of transferring, sharing and storing information. The main themes were formulated as follows: “Electronic Resources crops – freedom of access and copyright,” “The level of information the university – the basis of the success of future professionals” and “Digital Libraries”.

The last was plenary session devoted to “Digital Libraries”, which became the core of digital content distribution issues, freedom of access and copyright, the full-text search and e- libraries. The report, “Digital library – from design to implementation” of the meeting was made by General Director of “Alley Software” Stanislav Kim. He spoke about various aspects – organizational, legal, technical, technological, content – creating an electronic library of high school, as well as performed by the library project – posed problems, difficulties and solutions selected. “Our company operates in the market of digital libraries since 2005, performing both new development and the creation of these information systems and outsourcing scanning and rare major funds, as well as data files. ” – Says Stanislav Kim – “As of today the creation of digital libraries – not just a requirement for accreditation of the institution, but an urgent necessity. Neither the teachers nor the students are not prepared to wait University libraries, universities and the state itself will create conditions for work with electronic documents and do everything – buy books and digitize it – yourself. Options to obtain the desired content is legally in digitally virtually none. Authors, publishers, aggregators, and other rights holders are not willing to work with high schools open.

The so-called EBSy impose uncomfortable and inferior in terms of content services, and leadership many universities to develop their own resources is afraid, not wanting to quarrel with the governing bodies (Minobr, Rosobrnadzor). Therefore I would like to call to look at the problem comprehensively, as an electronic library University – a complex IT project, not just a finished product, but a conglomeration of many difficult decisions (DL, ALIS, the system of distance learning, etc.). To successfully complete this project, including, it is important to IT professionals and librarians speak the same language and the conference “Electronic Age of Culture” – an excellent platform for mutual understanding of this kind. “.


January 21, 2013


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Vysokokaltsievye useful guide to the slag granulation. On the basis of granulated slag can obtain various kinds of high quality cement. Indecomposable of blast-furnace slag, less rich with calcium oxide, should be made slag pumice, crushed stone cast, castings and slag wool. These same products can be manufactured from slag, silica prone to decay, but then require additional costs for special technological methods to prevent the disintegration of the slag. The basic open-hearth slag quenching have increased chemical activity and, as well as blast of pellets, can be used in the production of cements. Acidic waste products are also suitable for the production of slag pumice, molten rubble and slag wool. Acid steel slag, thanks to a large number of iron oxide, manganese oxide, magnesium, silica, differ from the blast-furnace slag ability to melt at lower temperatures. Crystallized acid wastes, in particular the cupola, have high resistance to alkaline and acidic environments, as well as at high temperatures.

This allows their use as fillers in the acid-and heat-resistant concretes. Granulated slag acid open-hearth furnace and cupola of production should be used for slag Portland cement and slag other types of cement used in concrete structures exposed to aggressive influences of other aggressive environments. The main consumer of slag – cement, uses annually 20-23 million tons of granulated product. The presence of latent heat in the disordered structure of glass slag cooling abruptly gives high chemical activity, ie desire for favorable conditions, finish the formation of the structure. This latent energy of glassy slag is shown in its binding properties.