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Environmental Policy Vera Stepanenko

April 22, 2015


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In some countries, usually sorted garbage for different containers. In Moscow, unfortunately, all the garbage thrown into the same type of containers in which garbage is going to different species. Talk about that in Moscow, prior to removal debris must be sorted and separated the garbage, go long, but some practical results do not posledovalo.Predsedatel commission of Moscow City Council for Environmental Policy Vera Stepanenko said recently that the capital's residents do not experiment to support the separate collection of different kinds of garbage. The truth about what the experiment in question – not very clear. In Moscow in the Orekhovo-Borisovo South local government began its experiment. When adults do not want to be environmentally conscious, they decided to vaccinate children.

Schools, children's homes and kindergartens in the area of Orekhovo-Borisovo South will be before ordering removal of garbage, debris ejected sort of containers of different colors: yellow, green and black. In the first paper-will, in the second – the plastic and aluminum cans, in the third – the rest of the garbage. For example, in Germany in the blue container collects paper and cardboard. There throwing newspapers and magazines, paper bags, wrapping paper. However, dirty paper, scraps of old wallpaper, packages of juice, wax paper and photographs in such containers are disposed of is prohibited. By the way, Germany is recommended for purchase of goods, if possible, get rid of the wrapper in the store. For example, if you buy a pack of six bottles of beer, a carton basis, then you should remove the bottle in a bag and throw away the packaging in the store, in special box. Even in neighboring Poland, which has recently joined the European Union, non-ferrous containers have been installed even in small mountain towns.

Now imagine that companies that carry out garbage, install colored containers in your yard … Fantastic. Because it's hard to believe. Indeed, instead of one will need to have several different packages, and always remember that and not to confuse them. Maybe the Germans are used to it, but we … Although I read that in Germany the introduction of this method of sorting garbage spent a lot of money collected in taxes from the producers. In conclusion, this method of sorting waste for recycling is recognized most effective.